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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Round 2 40k batrep • Part I

This is the second batrep from the team tournament this past weekend in Kissimmee, Florida at Coliseum of Comics. My partner and I were playing Blood Angels and dark eldar. Our army lists are posted in the introductory article. The second round saw us facing the Tau Collective - that is Tau and dark eldar - our opponents' theme came from the new dark eldar codex - there was a point in time during the early Tau expansion when the dark eldar came to the Tau seeking an alliance under the dark guise as eldar... Those silly Tau can be so gullible at times. It was pretty funny... My partner and I had a good laugh. : )

Here are our opponents' army lists again to my best recollection...

Dark Eldar
The Duke (special character not mounted on a skyboard)

5x Warrior - blaster
Raider - flickerfield

5x Warrior - blaster
Venom - dual mounted splinter cannons

5x Warrior - blaster
Venom - dual mounted splinter cannons

Razorwing jetfighter - flickerfield
Razorwing jetfighter - flickerfield

Ravager - 3x dark lance & flickerfield

Shaso w. 3x Crisis Suit (rockets & plasma) + 2x shield drone

4x Crisis Suit (rockets & plasma)

10x Fire Warrior
10x Fire Warrior

5x Warrior

10x Kroot
10x Kroot

Hammerhead - railgun

Another interesting mission - each team had to pick eight of their units that counted as killpoints - one HQ and two Troop choices from each army automatically counted so really you were just picking one or two from each list along with the mandatory units.

We chose the following:

Archon, 2x Warriors, Reaver jetbikes, Librarian, 2x assault squad & Whirlwind

Our opponents chose the following:

Shaso & Crisis Suits, 2x Fire Warriors, Duke, 2x Warriors, Razorwing jetfighter

Note that transports for the selected units did not count towards the killpoints.

Also any unit held in normal reserve could outflank (I liked that one a lot).

Dawn of War

Again we won the roll for deployment and chose to go first. I'd like to note that looking back I think it's actually a mistake to choose to go first in DoW as your opponent will have the opportunity to shoot more of your army than you will theirs during the first turn if they hold the majority of their army off the table and roll in collectively as a whole. Night fighting during the first turn kind of throws a monkey wrench into this strategy as you might not be able to spot anything. Still in the future I think I'll typically opt to go second from now on when the choice is mine.

I opted to hold the following two units of mine in normal reserve:

Reaver jetbikes & Ravager

Everything else in my army would fly in the first turn.

My partner opted to roll all his units onto the table the first turn. The Tau opted to fly on with his Hammerhead the first turn holding everything else in his army in normal reserve (Suits would deepstrike). The other dark eldar player opted to hold everything in normal reserve so he could outflank his entire army.

Our opponents were able to seize the initiative but it didn't make much of an actual difference game wise since my partner and I started the game with everything off the table.

Combat Drugs
I got +1S and my opponent got to roll 3d6 when moving through difficult terrain (that one is kind of crappy compared to all the rest).

Pre Game Analysis
Again our team was faster as a whole and had lots of long ranged guns (dark lances & lascannons) all which can move 12" and shoot. We figured that a lot of the enemy units would choose to outflank so our plan was to bring in the allied armada towards the center of our long board edge then later strategically fan out to deal with any enemy outflankers. We deployed in such a manner as to screen my skimmercraft, protecting them from long shots coming from the deep striking Suits and enemy fliers.

I'll have to finish this batrep tomorrow evening as I've had a long tiring day and am out of town... Up in Canada (eeeeh).

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