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Friday, December 03, 2010

Status report - Bolter Beach II and other things

Okay so it's been a bit quiet here this week. I was abroad and just got back home this afternoon. Definitely a very busy week and looks like I just made it back to Florida ahead of a major snowstorm rolling up on the east coast. Gotta love Florida for that! : )

I found out this week Games Workshop will be providing a healthy amount of prize support for Bolter Beach II. I'm sure we will have lots of nice battle forces to hand out as door prizes again. I also spoke with Battle Foam this afternoon - looks like there is a good chance they will be supporting us as well this time. My partner Yuri Devilbiss and I did a short podcast interview with the 11th Company a couple of weeks ago so a big shout out to those fine folks! Possibly they will be there at BB II to run a broadcast. The 11th Company is very excited about our new format:

*W/L scoring system with Strength of Schedule
*2nd day the field will be split into two brackets so everyone has the opportunity to win an award! Note that anyone in either bracket can win best army, player's choice and best sport.
*No Best Overall anymore! Best General, Best Army, Player's Choice and Best Sport will receive an equal amount of prize support - they are all equal now (more on that below)
*Missions are being play tested at local RTTs across central Florida for player feedback.

Locally there has been some concern that we are running an Ard Boyz style event. In fact nothing could be farther from the truth. We have eliminated composition and I think most people are happy about that too. There are still soft scores for sportsmanship and appearance but with the new format these scores along with your W/L record are kept separated from each other. Because there is no longer an award for Best Overall this just makes good sense to me. I think it will also help to entice everyone to score sportsmanship more honestly since your soft scores do not affect your overall W/L record.

So basically what we have done is take what we thought was best from other big successful events like the NOVA Open and WarGamesCon (formerly known as BoLScon). And we kept true to our original mission by providing you with challenging fun missions. Our sample missions have been modified based upon the feedback we've received from players at our RTTs - we even went so far as to drop one altogether since it was pretty much universally panned.

So it's looking pretty darn good again this time around plus we already have more people registered as now than the total number of people who attended Bolter Beach I. I'm trying my best to entice more clubs to come down and play. It's going to be a good time for sure.


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