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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More thoughts on the Stormraven plus

I have been playing my DoA list a lot in competitive tourney play. I'm happy to say it seems like there is a fair number of players that agree with my thoughts now that the Stormraven is quite viable. One of the hard knocks I've often seen put out on the Internet is that the Stormraven can only survive one to two turns versus a shooty army and is blasted off the table. I've always said you've got to protect the Stormraven...

- Identify it's major threats, focus on eliminating them.

- Most shooty armies aren't packing lots of long ranged AT firepower. Space Wolves are an exception with their cheap Long Fangs. Again going back to my first point you've got to identify the threats and apply the pressure. For example Vanguard veterans are an excellent counter to Long Fangs and other similar type units.

- Hold the Stormraven in reserve. This will help you to first neutralize the main threats. This is how I always play the Stormraven.

In regards to the third point what I've learned is that there are going to be times when it's better to simply use the Stormraven as a mobile weapons (AT) platform. If you are playing a pure DoA army then you can simply opt to deep strike all your jump infantry units. Placing an uber assault unit in the Stormraven means there is the chance they'll arrive late and you'll be playing a large segment of your army without your best assault unit for a significant portion of the game. Sure the Stormraven is an excellent means of protecting a unit and delivering them into the heart of the enemy line, but because of the DoA rules this is acceptable in the right set of circumstances. As your opponents become more familiar with playing versus the Stormraven they will find ways to counter it. Over time against good opponents you'll not be able to as easily exploit this skimmer. Simply used as a mobile weapons platform the Stormraven is still very powerful, no other Space Marine army has anything comparable. The only other army currently that comes close is IG.


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