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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blood Angels DoA 1250 point list for team tourney

I'll be attending a team tournament tomorrow. I'll be teaming up with my fellow 40k Wrecking Crew member, the Hod. I'm running Blood Angels (no surprise there) and the Hod will be running with his Space Wolves. First I'll post my list and supply some thoughts behind it's strengths...

The Sanguinor (275)
* Our most expensive HQ, I've been running since I first started playing DoA. Yes he is expensive but you get a lot of bang for your buck. The Sanguinor provides two big buffs to DoA armies -

1st any unit within 6" of him get +1 attack. This is very powerful when you can cast this buff on two or more units. Think of it this way - if you had two full assault squads inside the Sanguinor's area of effect that equate to a total of 20 additional attacks so it's just as if you had another assault squad. This works very well with power fists.

2nd one of your sergeant's receives the Sanguinor's Blessing:

+1WS, +1A, +1I, +1W

I arm my sergeants with either power fists or thunder hammers so the +1I is wasted for me but the other three really help - typically hitting on 3+ versus MEQ and squashing another Marine. I arm all my sergeants with a thunder hammer and stormshield now so they are little wrecking crews. The sergeant who receives the blessing still counts as a squad member so he can't be picked out in melee - basically it's like having an HQ with a retinue. The extra wound combined with the stormshield makes them quite resilient too.

The Sanguinor himself is also another little wrecking crew...

WS8, I6, S5, master crafted power glaive, Sv 2+/3++ (jump pack, Furious Charge)
Plus you can select one enemy HQ he rerolls all failed to hits and wounds - he is the ultimate big head hunter.

(If your new to Blood Angels then DoA stands for Descent of Angels - jump infantry only scatters 1d6 and you can reroll failed reserves. DoA has made a Blood Angels jump infantry list quite viable as a competitive army.)

2x Chaplain/2x jump pack & 2x infernus pistol
* I will attach one each to both assault squads. They make these units fearless plus these units can reroll failed hits the turn they charge.

2x Sanguinary Priest/2x jump pack & 2x power sword
* There is some debate as to whether or not to arm priests with a power sword - I always look at it this way - with jump infantry army you can't keep them embarked in a transport so you might as well take advantage of their WS5. Sanguinary Priest buff your army as they provide both Furious Charge and Feel No Pain to any squad within 6" of them. Again I'll attach one to each assault squad.

I have an identical build for both of two assault squads:

10x Assault Marine/jump packs, flamer, meltagun, thunderhammer & stormshield

So each squad has a Chaplain and Priest attached - so they become very strong in melee! Sanguinor gives each squad the potential for the +1A.

So basically I opted to build the list around my troops and buff them as much as possible.


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