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Monday, December 20, 2010

Batrep - Dark Eldar vs. Imperial Guard [2000 points]

Dark Eldar vs. Imperial Guard

2000 points

Pitched Battle


Kabal of Khaine's Blood Army List:

Archon/shadowfield, ghost plate armor, phantasm grenade launcher, combat drugs, haywire grenades, husk blade, soul trap

x Haemonculus/webway portal, flesh gauntlet

x 8x Incubi incl. Klaivex/onslaught, bloodstone
x Raider/flickerfield & nightshield

9x Bloodbrides incl. Syren/3x shardnets, haywire grenades, phantasm grenade launcher, agonizer, blast pistol
Raider/flickerfield & nightshield

10x Warriors incl. Squad leader/dark lance & blaster
Raider/flickerfield & nightshield

x 20x Warriors incl. Squad leader/2x dark lance & blaster, venom blade

Voidraven/flickerfield & nightshield

Voidraven/flickerfield & nightshield

Imperial Guard Army List:
x Company Command Squad - 4x plasmagun
Chimera - multi laser & HF

Company Command Squad - 4x plasmagun
x Chimera - multi laser & HF

1. Veterans - 3x flamer
x Chimera - multi laser & HF

2. Veterans - 3x flamer
x Chimera - multi-laser & HF

3. Veterans - 3x plasmagun
x Chimera - multi-laser & HF

4. Veterans
x Chimera - 3 x plasma guns

5. Veterans - 3x plasmagun
Chimera - multi-laser & HF



x Hellhound

Leman Russ Battle Tank

s Leman Russ Executioner

x Manticore Rocket Launcher

I won the roll to go first and took it! My plan was to use the Haemonculus flying solo in the Incubi's raider to drop off the WWP on the first, basically sacrificing him and the raider. All infantry units were placed in reserve with the skimmers starting on the table as my paper plane air force. If you take a look at the IG list you'll easily see it's a parking lot, can crack my skimmers and kill my infantry in droves... Lots of red hot plasma and lots of flamers. The table was sparse on terrain - pretty much a wet dream dream for the parking lot. My opponent setup with the chimeras screening his big tanks and he held the pair of vendettas in reserve outflanking. I was very happy there was no Master of the Fleet and decided to go balls to the wall - it's the dark eldar way after all. Heh!

I rolled for combat drugs and got +1S... Nice, very nice indeed.

1st Turn - Dark Eldar
My opponent attempted to seize but failed. I immediately ran up the Incubi skimmer with the Haemonculus, he jumped out and dropped the portal. Voidravens lined up for some shots on the Manticore and wrecked it.

DE - 1 & IG - 0

1st Turn - Parking Lot
Chimeras roll up to box off the webway portal along with the Hellhound. Shooting sees the Haemonculus and Incubi raider blown away. Pieplates scatter off the Voidravens.

DE - 1 & IG - 2

2nd Turn - Dark Eldar
A crucial turn in the game... Chimeras are lined up around the webway portal but there is plenty of room on my side for infantry to spill out. I roll for rerserves and get the Archon with his Incubi and the squad of 20 Warriors. Warriors scoot into a clump of trees for cover. Voidravens wreck hellhound and stun Executioner with shots into side armor. Warriors' blaster wrecks a veteran chimera. Raider shots bounce off. Archon leads his Incubi on a multi charge hitting three chimeras. Haywire grenades go off destroying one chimera (flamer vets) and stunning another (CCS). Squad of vets with flamers fail pen check. Incubi are spread out. 

DE - 4 & IG - 2

2nd Turn - Parking Lot
Neither Vendetta come in from reserve. Mobile chimeras pull up to flame Warriors and Incubi. Both CCS squads dismount for backup. Flamers crisp the Warriors plus some Incubi then plasma take out the rest of the Incubi. Archon passes leadership with flying colors.

DE - 4 & IG - 4

3rd Turn - DE
Out pop the Wyches. The Wyches and the Archon move in the assault the two command squads. Raiders pop a veteran chimera and Voidravens pop another veteran chimera (more shots on side armor). Assault sees both command squads destroyed.

DE - 8 & IG - 4

My opponent is a bit miffed with the results so we call the game. Oh well, I was ahead.


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