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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sanguinary Guard Project Part II * Bellum Aquila

Bellum Aquila
Bellum's name is an honor bestowed upon him by the Chapter Master and literally means War Hawk. Bellum had succumbed to the Black Rage, which is very rare for the Blood Saints. On the eve of battle while the Death Company Chaplain was preparing his lost brothers for war Bellum had a vision of a peaceful angel clad in glowing golden robes whom whispered muted prayers to him freeing the War Hawk from the dark curse. Bellum is gifted with an extremely high pitched piercing war cry that is amplified by his helmet and forces the enemy to cover their ears or suffer a momentary loss of hearing. Several times Bellum has been called upon to lead the Sanguinary Guard into battle when they are not serving as a retinue for the Chapter Master. All attacks lead by Bellum are swift and crushing. Under his command the Sanguinary Guard are often called upon to assassinate the enemy commander, which they will do by dropping in from a low flying thunderhawk. Bellum carries the squad's other ancient infernus pistol and is also a crack shot. Many unfortunate tanks have been breached by the War Hawk's fickle shot so that his squad can quickly come to grips with the enemy within and finish them.


Aventine said...

I'm liking these single model break downs and stories, keep them coming!

Black Blow Fly said...

Plenty more to come! Expect another article tomorrow.

Thanks for the kudos !