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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A sample mission for Bolter Beach II • Battle for the Sun Coast

This is a sample mission for the upcoming Bolter Beach II 40k GT that will be held in Sarasota, Florida the last weekend of January 2011. This the type of mission you could expect at the end of the first day or during the second day.

We have worked on streamlining our new missions but want them to still be challenging. One of our goals is to design missions that don't favor or disfavor any specific type of army. We are using the W/L format from the NOVA Open with a primary win condition and a set of three tie breakers for each mission. There will be a number of rounds based upon the number of players such that there is one undefeated player at the end of the second day who will be crowned best overall champion. Players will be split into two groups on the second day - one group will consist of the undefeated players from day one and the second group will be everyone else. There also will be an award for the player in the second group that finishes with the best record in that group. Splitting the players into two groups is being borrowed from BoLScon.

There are no rules for army composition this time and painting awards will be held separately from the scoring for best overall and the winner from the second group. There will still be rules for sportsmanship as this is the most important aspect of the hobby.

So here is the sample mission. Please feel free to comment!

++ Battle for the Sun Coast ++


- Reverse Dawn of War
You can deploy all units except for your HQ and troop choices. All units held in reserve can come in on your long table edge during the first turn. NIGHT FIGHT OCCURS DURING THE 3RD TURN.

>Who goes First:
Roll off on 1d6 to see who goes first. Player who setup first goes first unless the Initiative is Seized.

>Game Length:
Random Game Length - 6 turns then a 7th turn on roll of 4+ on 1d6. DICE DOWN when time is called.

>Mission Special Rules:
• Night Fight occurs during the 3rd turn
• Infiltrate, Reserves, Deep Strike, Scout & Outflank
• HQ held in reserve automatically come in during the 3rd turn and can reroll scatter if deep striking. Once an HQ arrives it counts as destroyed if it later leaves the table although this does not count if it occurs due to a mishap. HQ cannot be placed on top of other other units or impassable terrain when initially positioning them for a deep strike. These rules still apply if the HQ is attached to another unit when held in reserve (e.g., an Autarch with wings joins a squad of Swooping Hawks).
• You may attempt to Seize the Initiative (p. 92 BRB)

> Mission Goals
The Primary Goal and win condition is table quarters. You must have the most kill points in a table quarter to control it. A unit must be wholly in a table quarter to count. If you tie on the primary goal then go to the first tie breaker:

The First Tie Breaker is kill points. If you tie on the first tie breaker then go to the second tie breaker:

The Second Tie Breaker is destroy all the enemy HQ. If you tie on the second tie breaker then go to the third tie breaker:

The third and Final Tie Breaker is pure Victory Points.

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