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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thoughts on the new Blood Angels and Tyranids

Well I got my new bug codex yesterday and had the opportunity to read it absorbing the written word. From what I have ensconced it's very good and I am really looking for to playing bugz. I think having read the tactical threads on some of the big 40k forums that there is a certain element in the hobby that are currently quite frustrated with the codex because they can't figure out how to game the new bugz... They are looking to create a meta list that will match up well with their local metas. One example of this that really sticks out in my mind is when they say it's better to field three genestealers versus taking a Broodlord. Three genestealers have more attacks than a Broodlord... Whoopy! I see it as exactly the reverse... Genestealers are a delivery system for Broodlords. I can roll with a squad of IG veterans in a chimera and they will smoke a squad of genestealers. On the other hand if you pay the points for a Broodlord he will survive the shooting and eat the veterans. Certain people are also saying Hive Guard suck because they can't drop in a spod BUT on the other hand they can certainly pop up behind a Trygon. It's too bad that Ymrgal genestealers, Hive Guard and Zoies are all elites. It's going to be hard to fit the Ymrgal genestealers in any list right now with mech being so strong... You really need the Death Leaper and two squads of Zoies in spods to vaporize mech. The Death Leaper and spodding Zoies are a no brainer combo in my opinion.

Now on to the subject of my favorite army ever... Blood Angels. First let me say that a personal pet peeve of mine is when someone spells Angels as Angles. I know I make my fair share of spelling errors here but come on for goodness sake, what the Hell is a Blood Angle??? Is that some trignometric harvester of doom? "I'm gonna poke you in the eye with my Iscoleles triangle!!!"

Anyways the Blood Angels rumors are quite rampant and there is no way to discern fact from fiction at this point. Some people have stated there will be skimmer landraiders... Hee. Remember when people were saying that Dark Angels would be broken because they could field a landspeeder with AV14? Take a moment to think about it.

Personally I am wondering how complex of a codex the New Blood Angels book will be. Have you noticed yet that no one has a clue how Death Company will work? Have you noticed there isn't much information regarding Moriar the Chosen other than he'll supposedly be back again? Three chapter masters??? Come on now let's be real. It's not like Blood Angels will be able to field as many viable armies as Ultramarines. Well I just hope that GW has lots of red pots of paint because they will need them.

Me... I just hope that the new Blood Angels will be better than the current incarnation.


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