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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

KDA vs IG (2k)

Got in a game versus IG yesterday:

Primaris Psyker
Psyker Battle Squadron - chimera

10x Vets/3x meltagun (Valkyrie)
10x Vets/3x meltagun (Valkyrie)

2x Punisher/Pask
2x Medusa/hard top
2x Leman Russ/hull mounted lascannon

Mission: Capture & Control
Deployment: Dawn of War

Both objectives are placed closed together (heh!). I win the roll and choose to go second. I also get my waves in how I want them:

1st Drop - Bloodthirster, Heralds + Crushers, Daemon Prince

1st Turn/IG
My opponent brings in both Valkyries with the vets tagging along. They come in at opposite ends of the table.

1st Turn/Daemons
First I drop my Crushers on the IG objective knowing he won't be able to move them off. They'll stay put all game. Next my greater daemon comes in beside a Valkyrie. The daemon prince lands on top of my objective. The Bloodthirster fires his deathstrike but misses.

2nd Turn/IG
In comes punisher squadron and PSB. Punishers both line up for shots on my Crushers and score three wounds (40 shots total). PSB target daemon prince and drop a wound. Valks both move 12" and target Crushers for no wounds.

2nd Turn/Daemons
In comes both Grinders and both packs of Bloodletters. Grinders using the Crusher icon to walk up blocking enemy LOS to lesser daemons. Greater daemon flys up to closest Valkyrie, shots and assaults but does no damage. Grinders target punishers and pops one. Daemon Prince flies toward second Valk but is outside charge range.

3rd Turn/IG
In comes Medusas. IG is playing the keep away game but I control both objectives. Daemon Prince is shot off the board and I lose a few lesser daemons to focused fire.

3rd Turn/Daemons
One Grinder goes after second punisher and destroys it in close combat. Bloodthirster shoots and assaults one Valkyrie taking off a missile pod. Grinders spread and miss shots at Valkyries. Lesser Daemons spread covering both objectives.

4th Turn/IG
In comes the Medusas. One Valk moves up to forward Grinder, vets disembark firing meltas into walker but only manage to immobilize it. PSB target one pack of lesser daemons (GtG) and kill a couple. Medusas target a walker but pie plates drift off. The other Valk moves 24".

4th Turn/IG
Immobilized walker nukes vets that disembarked. Other walker wrecks the PSB chimerooh. Greater Daemon flies back towards my objective screening one pack of lesser daemons.

5th Turn/IG
Both Valks move up to my objective. Shooting in uneventful.

5th Turn/Daemons
Walkers target one Valk (empty) and destroy it. Bloodthirster assaults the other Valk and destroys it with deathstrike. Bloodletters assault second squad of vets and destroy them.

Game ends and daemons control both objectives.


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