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Monday, January 04, 2010

Random thoughts on 40k

I have been enjoying the last week while on vacation. It's always good to get away awhile from the march of life and spend some time with those you love. I went up to visit my mom and brother, bringing my army along to get in a few games with old friends.

So anyways on with the thread. I think that to be a competitive gamer it's very important to roll with the changes. For instance there are always some people that let themselves get stuck in the past and won't budge while the rest of the world continues to move along. Often you see this when some powerful army has a new codex released and some of the more popular errrrm... broken units) are nerfed. For instance if you go over to Warseer there are some people crying about the loss of their cherished dakkafexes. It's silly to me as the new Nids are going to be very powerful plus you'll still be able to play Godzilla Nidz but now you'll be able to field a vaster assortment of monstrous creatures. The alpha Tyrgon looks like a real winner, this monster is pure beast. You can field Broodlords as upgrades to your genestealers, Warriors are available as a troop choice, and there is the new Alpha Warrior. Take an Alpha Warrior, join him with a squad of Warriors and drop them in a spore... these evil bastards can cut down thunder wolves no problem, they are just that good in close combat plus they can shoot. I see this unit as a penultimate shock troop - as an opponent you can't ignore them and you are going to really have to focus fire to bring them down with shooting. Some armies won't be able to blast them off the table and if you do then that frees up other units to get right up in your proverbial grille. They will hurt you one way or another. There's lots of ways to get synapse into your army which is very important as while instinctive behaviour is not as bad this time around it's not like you want your opponent to dictate how your units move. The movement phase is the most important phase of the game and handing over the keys to your car to your adversary is an equation for disaster. I love the new Deathleaper... He is the perfect answer to your psychic adversaries, -3 leadership to old Eldrad is going to ruffle the eldar feathers, librarians are pretty much screwed. What I want in terms of a new Nidz army is one where the entire army comes in from reserve right in your face with +2 to +3 for your reserve rolls. Zoies and Hiveguard blasting away into side armor of mech armies, swarms of gaunts and genestealers owning you in close combat. It's all for real too. IG has finally met their match plus some. Nidz will not have to rely upon gimmicks to win big, they have all the tools necessary to eat you alive. It's kind of scary if you are on the other side of the fence.

I am hoping that GW brings back Blood Angels to their former glory. There couldn't be a better time than this year. So by the middle of 2010 I would like to have three uber armies - my Khornate daemonic horde, Tyranids and a brand new Blood Angels army. I hate having to play the same army all the time and looking back I wasted two years playing Blood Angels unconditionally. Blood Angels will always be my most favorite army but I think it's a big mistake to constantly play the same army game after game and I won't fall into that trap again.

One thing i really enjoy about this blog is that you don't see any flamebaiting going on. I think blogs should be that way. The owner should control the tempo and set the standard. It's kind of sad when you go on the internet and see people acting like little children taunting each other with venomous posts.

So happy new year to everyone hear and thanks for stopping by to visit.



Andrew said...

Having more than one army is definitely a plus, especially when you have different play styles for each army. I do think that there is something to be said for playing one army consistently, though, in that you really learn how to handle it. For example, I'm really enjoying playing my Tau even though they're not a top-tier army. I'm learning all kinds of tricks, and I've even surprised myself a few times with it now.

I do look forward to seeing all of your different armies on the table!

Green Blow Fly said...

If you want to be a top player it is very important to stick with an army for a long period of time. In the past I would often play two to three armies at any given time. I decided to stick with just BA when their PDF codex was released, which I think now was a mistake. You can play two to three armies and do well, plus they keep you more open minded I think.