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Friday, January 22, 2010

Genestealer Shock

Here is a list I have been working on:

= Troops =
Genestealer Brood (x20) w. Broodlord {517}
Genestealer Brood (x15) {330}
Genestealer Brood (x15) {330}
Genestealer Brood (x15) {330}

= Elites =
Yrmygal Genestealer Brood (x10) {230}

The genestealer units all have adrenal glands and toxin sacs plus the Broodlord has implant attack and sycthing talons. This comes up just over 1700 points and you'll need an HQ. I think it would alright to drop adrenal glands and that would save you right around 200 points. So you would have points left over for a naked Trygon and an Alpha Warrior with a small brood of Warriors dropping in a mycetic spore.

Is this army viable? I think possibly yes since the genestealer broods can infiltrate or outflank. It's very dependent on who goes first though which tells me this list could be a one trick pony. If they hit first they will indeed hit very hard.

I am very intrigued with this type of list. Bill Kim won the Chicago GT back in 2007 with his genestealer shock army. He had a perfect score for battlepoints and was awarded both best overall & best general, a feat no one else has ever done since or before.

The main problem with the list I have presented above is that it will get shot to death versus certain armies unless the bulk of the squads can quickly get into close combat. I like the large broods since they can survive shooting better. Remember that the genestealer broods can either inflitrate or outflank and the elite genestealers can assault immediatey upon the turn they arrive from reserve. I think this list still needs to be tinkered with a bit but I find it both very intriguing and a quick start to playing Tyranids.



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