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Blood Vow

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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Assassin Part 19 - Blood Oath II

Eldar troops swarmed over the open ground crowding around the ruins of the black sepulcher. They wore pitch black uniforms blending seemlessly into the background. A Seer Council moved through the masses chanting blessing to the masses. Overhead the dark skies loomed over them filled with clouds of burning ash. A pair of Wraithkinghts fashioned from pure white Wraithbone strode behind the Council towering above all others. Carcasses of Tyranid lower life forms littered the ground piled high. A glittering lone Harlequin carved runes into the exposed skull of a dead Tyrant with its kiss.

There came a super sonic boom from above drawing the immediate attention of all those still living. A trio of drop pods came crashing down hitting dead center atop the sepulcher. Immediately the doors exploded outwards on impact raining burning gouts livid shrapnel upon the eldar licking at them like gigantic tongues of fire. The closest were vaporized, their faint distorted shadows etched into the broken rock below. The Seer Council attempted to throw up a kineshield but reacted too slowly also consumed by the conflagration along with the others. The massive series of following explosions rocked the very ground with deep tremors causing even the Revenants to stumble for the briefest of moments then quickly righted themselves untouched by the sudden attack.

Charging out from its wrecked vessel the Ancient Venerable caught one of the Wraithknights with its unfolding armored fists savagely ripping it apart then threw aside the ruined halves. The Death Company dreadnaught reacted more slowly unlimbering its heavy Hurricane bolters stitching a salvo of shots into the remaining Revenant. Spinning away the alien construct lowered one of its cannon sighting along the upper bulk of the approaching metal behemoth. The shot went wide even at such close range kicking up great clouds of slagged rock. The newly approaching rank and file dived out of the way but still some were caught in the blast radius instantly slagged. Again the Death Company dreadnaught let loose another salvo now at point blank range stemming the ever advancing construct at bay by sheer weight of fire power. A few of the micro rockets struck true blowing chinks into the pearly white Wraithbone. The Ancient attacked from the rear catching the Revenant by surprise tearing through the back side with hated vengeance. Together the pair of Blood Angel dreadnaughts wrecked the Wraithknight crushing it into a pulp.

The Death Company then stepped out lead by their Chaplain. While there was still a sea of eldar their leaders had been felled by the sudden savage attack. Urizen lifted his Crozius commanding them forward.

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