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Thursday, June 01, 2017

How to Roll More 6+

Is there a way to roll more 6+ fairly ? The answer is yes there is. The answer is counter intuitive to many though... straight (precision) edge dice are considered to roll more consistently compared to rounded edge dice since they don't tumble as much when you roll them but in fact the latter type can actually produce more natural rolls of 6 - here's why.


Casinos use straight edge dice because they roll the most consistently... there should be an equal chance any face (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) will land up as the final result. Of course casinos require that you actually roll the dice and they must hit the back of the craps table... so if you think about it this is not as easy to do on a table top for wargaming. Some people use smaller dice such as Koplow and a dice box but still it's not the same.


Rounded edge dice are more economical to produce due to the manufacturing technology since they are tumbled to smooth the edges which in turn rounds them as a result. The end effect is that these dice roll more as opposed to straight edge dice. The more back spin used to roll these dice results in even more rolling. If you look at the asymptotic curve shown above it shows the distribution of the face landing up as more spin is applied. Of course it's not possible to apply an infinite amount of spin but there is the practical end result - the face that lands up tends to be a 6 as more spin is applied to the roll. This is because the face of 1 naturally has more weight (remember that true casino dice apply lacquered pips to even the overall weight on each face).

Is This Technique Paramount to Cheating ?
The answer to this question really depends on who you ask. Some people don't even realize the applied science but just come upon it naturally. It's surely not the same thing as deliberately using weighted dice but then again some will say if it's intentional then it's obviously cheating. So it's okay if someone does it without realizing why but not okay if they do ? If you read the rules for any war game there's really not much detail provided how to actually roll dice. Rounded edge dice are much cheaper to buy too so there's that as well.

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