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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Assassin - Part 14 - Sensei

The Temple Guard were taller than Space Marines and wore suits of partial power armor light blue with lightning bolts etched into their chest plates. Their helmets were open faced revealing dark yellow faces, their eyes covered by mirrored visors. Some were armed with boltguns while others carried pole arms. Their forearms were bare and bulged with hard muscle. Slowly they encompassed Paragon holding their weapons slightly lowered. The old man stood beside him looking upon into his hidden eyes. "They are Thunder Warriors, the predecessors of Space Marines. The Emperor had the rest of their kind eliminated once had he finished creating his Legions. This temple is their last stronghold and they all faithfully answer to me."

Paragon said nothing silently taking in his immediate surroundings. The assassin had holstered his machine pistols. The Temple Guard stared back silent as well.

"So you have finally returned to the place of your origin. You chose such a prodigious day. I welcome you back my son." The sensei bowed at the waist with open arms. "We have much to talk about and I'm sure you have many questions. All will be answered in time. I want you to know it was I who created you and I still consider you our greatest achievement. Your DNA is a combination cast from all other types of assassin with additional special encoding. Unfortunately the technology used to create you has been lost. You are truly one of a kind and I sense you have been further enhanced. Come with me and I will personally show you our temple."

Paragon lifted his heavy duffle bag slinging the strap over his shoulder again. "Lead the way master."

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