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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Assassin - Part 13 - Home Coming Circa M.32

"This is a time of celebration." said the old man to the group of small children. They looked at his wrinkled face and laughed at him then ran away. "Children." he muttered to himself.

"They aren't children old man." said a stranger from behind him. The voice startled him for a moment then he turned around from his sitting position. The stranger was a tall slim man garbed in tight black leather with two rows of silver buttons cresting the trench coat. Each button had been fashioned in the shape of the double headed Aquila. The stranger wore a pair of slim mirrored googles hiding his eyes. His hair was shaved down to silvery stubble and a series of deep lines cut into his face framing his slight smile. "But yes you're right today is a celebration that only comes once each millennium to give glory to this temple."

"Who are you?" asked the old man.

"A pilgrim on a long journey, this is the final terminus." He carried a heavy black mesh duffle bag with the chain strap across his broad chest. He drew a lho stick and lit it then handed it to the old man.

"Thanks." said the old man. "That was unexpected." He smiled as he pulled in a deep drag exposing his long crooked teeth. The group of children had returned and they all silently watched them. "If they aren't what you say then what are they?" He blew a ring of smoke that glided slowly towards the children.

"Daemons." said the stranger as he dropped the duffel bag and opened the top of his coat. Rubber pistol grips bulged out from under his arm pits. The children laughed again as they began to morph. Their arms terminated into claws and their skin grew purple. They were only a few feet away then the machine pistols began to fire. Paragon stepped in front of the old man spraying the daemons with a gout of silver coated bullets. Each shot struck one dead between the eyes exploding their brain pans. "Run." he said as he reversed the pistol grips. A pair of fractal edged silver blades ejected from the guns. Springing back with a quick flip the assassin struck out decapitating a the two closest daemons.

Paragon put his back to the wall of the temple to prevent them from surrounding him. The pistols flipped back as he fired them again at point blank range clearing out a tight space between him and the daemons. Their claws snipped at his face as he blocked them away. Their number was rapidly dwindling. Throwing out his elbows bashing their skulls he thrust out breaking through their diminished line. Again he reversed his pistols raking them with the silver daggers. The daemons flinched as the pair of blades cut into them. The last few broke then evaporated leaving only a cloying scent behind in their wake.

"What just happened?" gasped the old man.

"A cleansing." answered Paragon.

Temple Guard had come out surrounding the immediate area.

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