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Friday, September 09, 2016

Night Lords 40k Army List featuring Raptor Talon ver. 2.1

Today I bring you a brand new army list for Chaos Marines using the Raptor formation...

Hi everybody it's your ever friendly Black Blow Fly swinging through your neighborhood again to to spread some mischief and discontent !!! Today I bring you a brand new army list for Chaos Space Marines (CSM) using the Raptor formation... These flying Devils can assault straight out after deep striking which I think has some application.

I know a lot of people are still unhappy and to each their own but much of this type of feeling stems directly from a sense of false entitlement. CSM have some good things now such as the Cabal which has access to all of the new Space Marine psychic powers and Renegade Knights. Still no Grav or free transports as yet... Me, I'm not holding my breath and I'm more than willing to work with what we've got on the table. If you still want one super uber codex I think you're probably going to be waiting a really long time.

So when I saw the rules for the new Raptor Talon I got all excited about CSM again and decided to build a new army list so I can give a whirl. Is it top tier... Don't really know and don't really care to be honest. The Raptor Talon beckons to Night Lords and that's the theme. Belakor ghosts this warband for whatever reason... Hey that's how the Dark Master likes to roll. If you don't like him he could be swapped out for a jump pack Cabal. There's even some crazy Khorne cultists hiding in a bunker to cheer on all the bad guys too ! If you like to model, convert and paint this could be a really fun project.

Night Lords 40k

++ Chaos Space Marines: Crimson Slaughter (2014) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1389) ++

*Units marked as such form the Raptor Formation

+ HQ (500) +

Be'lakor, The Dark Master (350) /Warlord

Chaos Lord* (150)
Lightning Claw - Power Fist - Melta Bombs
Mark of Slaanesh - Sigil of Corruption

+ Troops (310) +

Chaos Cultists (75)
9x Cultists - Mark of Khorne - 8x Auto-Pistol - Flamer
Cultist Champion - Auto Pistol

Chaos Space Marines (235)
9x Chaos Space Marines - Missile Launcher - Plasma Gun - 9x Bolt Pistol - 9x Boltgun
Aspiring Champion - Bolt Pistol - Boltgun Poser Axe - Melta Bombs
Chaos Rhino - Combi-Bolter - Dirge Caster - Dozer Blade - Searchlight - Smoke Launchers

+ Fast Attack* (579) +

Raptors (197)
5x Raptor - 5x Bolt Pistol - 5x Close Combat Weapon - 2x Flamer - Icon of Excess - Mark of Slaanesh
Raptor Champion - Combi-Flamer - Melta Bombs - Power Fist

Raptors (207)
5x Raptor - 5x Bolt Pistol - 5x Close Combat Weapon
Icon of Excess - Mark of Slaanesh - 2x Meltagun
Raptor Champion - Combi-Melta - Melta Bombs - Power Fist

Warp Talons (175)
4x Warp Talon - 4x Twin Lightning Claws - Mark of Slaanesh
Warp Talon Champion - Twin Lightning Claws

++ Fortifications and Stronghold Assault (2013) (Fortification Detachment) (80) ++

+ Fortification +

Imperial Bunker - Escape Hatch

++ Chaos Renegade Knights (Chaos RK Forsworn Knight Detachment) (375) ++

+ Lord of War +

Renegade Knight - Avenger Gatling Cannon and Heavy Flamer - Heavy Stubbe - Ion Shield - Reaper Chainsword


~Give it a chance... CSM are on the rise.

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