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Blood Vow

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Monday, September 05, 2016

Huscarls vs. Lupercal

"I can smell their blood." said Arwent hefting his shield. "Close your eyes my brother. They are nearby."

Androcles lifted his hammer. "The taint of the traitor is an awful stench. Let it serve as a constant reminder of the ever eternal struggle. My blood boils with hate."

"Aye." said Sergeant Artemis gripping the long haft of his hammer. "I smell the scent of taint." His silver chain hung inside his chest plate resting upon his sternum. "They cannot escape us again." He closed his eyes letting his mind drift while drawing upon the auto senses of his ancient suit. "They smell like fresh offal."

Auroras drew his blade from its scabbard letting the edge drag along the whetting stone. The Chaplain licked along the top of his teeth feeling gaps left etched into the hard enamel. Igniting the sword Auroras filled his lungs then leapt inside the chamber. A single grenade slipped from his open palm exploding upon the flagstone. The ensuing explosion immediately erupted illuminating the darkness. "Look upon them for they are filled with the sin of a traitor." he sneered.

Brother Arwent was the first into the fray. His thunderhammer swung down catching one of the Justerain atop the skull crushing the brain pan. The force of the blow shattered teeth sheering the skull from vertebrae. Arwent howled with anger following through, lightning fast steps carrying the Huscarl through the gulf.

"First blood to the enemy." snarled Aximandus, Captain of the Lupercal. The Chaplain locked with him raining down blow upon blow with the Auric sword. Aximandus stepped aside letting his hardened black plate absorb the sudden blows. Cutting though the outer black plate the monomolecular edge sliced through severing hidden internal cables fouling the Lupercal's movement. Auroras drove his sword straight up punching the sharp tip up into the underside of Aximandus' chin severing the tip of his tongue. Auroras caught his shoulder with the grip of his power fist switching the sword for a short gladius. Quickly and savagely the Chaplain drove the short blade again and again into the enemy's quivering body until it stiffened then tumbled aside dead. Visceral and dark fluids gushed from the fresh gaping open holes.

Artemis surged forward catching the blast from a multi-melta across his black shield. An oath badge burned away as he turned into the immediate space behind the super heated blast. Yellow armor scorched and burned as the Justerain fired the big melta again. The hammer burst as the blunt end of the head collapsed the armor twisting and cracking apart the hidden rib cage. Both warriors died simultaneously.

Leaping down from a broken chasm Brother Ardant fell into the backside of a Justerain hanging back behind the rest. His vorpal claws unfolding as the rent through enemy armor like foil. The ends of the claws jutted through flesh and bone. Ardant stepped up continuing the mad carnage.

Quickly and surely one by one each of the enemy was laid to waste in act of extreme prejudice.

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