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Monday, September 19, 2016

A Loss Remembered (brief fiction)

"When you cannot be hurt... When you are untouchable then you are Like a God. In truth though even that which is immortal can still die or be destroyed." The Temple Master lit a small stick of deep black incense letting the dry burning vapor fill his nostrils. "We were created to both defend and destroy. There are ways."

The Weapons Master's empty spot upon the hard bench was cold to the touch. A chest full of sharp blades was open, the keen edges all shining in the darkness. More exotic weapons such as a brace of various thunderhammers and power whips were on display upon the walls. "Arjentïus was touched." said the Temple Master then they began to come forward slowly one by one to pay respect. A recorded song began to crackle over the intercom filling the dark void left behind. The words of an ancient Gothic dialect were very hard to understand if not almost impossible. The song blunted the pain for only the briefest moment.

These are your friends from childhood, through youth... Who goaded you on, demanded more proof... Withdrawal pain is hard, it can do you right in... So distorted and thin, distorted and thin.

"These are the weapons he crafted himself, both a master weapons smith and a true champion of our Legion." The Temple Master stepped aside from the stark podium bowing his bare head.

Brother Arwent stopped to lift his visor and spoke "Death is always there waiting. It is a part of the fight against the Primordial Annihilator and its dark kin. No one lives forever." He made the sign of the double stemmed cross then stepped away.

"The cycle is endlessly repeated and cannot be unbroken." Sigismund stepped into the inner chamber. He placed a doubled edge sword into the open chest. "One day another will rise in his place and until let his spirit rest in peace for our brother has earned it." The Captain also made the sign. "Our order dates back to the very dawn of mankind, possibly older than the Emperor." There was a moment of silence while they all nodded. "Arjentïus' name shall be embellished upon this wall and as long as at least one of us exists he shall always be remembered for his valor and great deeds."

The walls of the round chambers were stained a deep vibrant yellow and the image of the double stemmed cross splayed black.

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