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Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Impact: New 40k FAQs from Games Workshop

NOTE - This is a non tactical article and purely my opinion. I rate this as HAIR ON FIRE... Sure am glad I'm bald... Heh .

The new draft FAQs and errata have finally hit the internet this week. First let me say this is a huge blow to the Dakka Dakka YMDC trolls who are so full it not even a blow fly can stand their stinky stink smell... so yeah those losers like Nos, Kommisar Kell and others can go jump in the big lake... hurrr hurrr hurrr !!!

This is a really big deal and from what I have read GW wants to finally curb back a lot of the abuse that has been going on since the Wardian era. Supposedly the new CEO loves to play Warhammer 40k and said something along the lines of "Enough is enough !!!"

The game is only going to get better now with the new direction. I am not here to tell you about what are the biggest changes to how the game has been played and how it is going to be played... I am here to say I approve of the new direction and because a lot of rules abuse is getting the axe. Presently the game is very broken and in my area I constantly hear lots of bitching about this ad naseum which to be completely honest gets very annoying.

House Rules for Major Tournies
Wow this really bad news for any TO whom has their FAQ that is over two pages in length. We can say we want to balance a broken system but all too often certain clarifications or outright changes to the rules reveal true bias for whatever reason. For example look at how the change to the void shield generator is a self imposed nerf... It is what it is for sure. The new errata and FAQ eliminates this need. While a house rule can be disguised as good intent usually there's a bias one way or the other. Many of the answers are not clarification but instead change fundamental rules at the core level.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... It's always best for everyone can play an army of their own choice rather than copying just another net list. This what we all really want and aspire too in the long run. FAQs for codices are up next and sorely needed. Overall there will be less shenanigans.

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