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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

30k Templar Tactical Analysis - Four Corners

Time for some good old tactical analysis - this time regarding my Templars.

Here's my abbreviated army list:


Centurion #1 - Primae Medicae (terminator armor)

Centurion #2 - Primae Medicae (artificer armor)

Templar Brethren + Land Raider

Terminators (deep striking)

Mortar Team

Leviathan Dreadnaught + Drop Pod

It's a small army for sure !

The first Centurion is attached to the terminators which deep strike. The second Centurion is attached to the Templar Brethren along with Sigismund whom all start embarked in their land raider. So I start with four units, some combined. The goal is to setup to control four points or corners. This creates a zone controlled by the four units, one of which is quasi static (mortar team). The Leviathan is a disruption unit as well as very deadly. Long range shooting is provided by the land raider and mortar team. The terminators are also a disruption unit as well and deep strike without scatter due to the nuncio vox of the Templar Brethren - as such they can provide much needed backup or teleport into an aggressive position if needed.

Establishing board control early dictates the game and puts the pressure on the enemy. The Templar Brethren are a fast threat protected by their land raider. This type of deployment forces hard decisions on the opponent what to target with their shooting... It's hard to ignore either the Leviathan which is well protected the turn it lands or the mortar team which generates lots of wounds and can snipe enemy characters.

Dictating the pace of the game and controlling the table puts the game in your hands. Some armies can counter it better than others but still you're forcing a lot of pressure on your opponent which often leads to bad decisions.

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