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Monday, April 25, 2016

Review: New Psychic Powers for Space Marines

I finally had a chance to read the new psychic powers in the Angels of Death supplement today. I've also read or watched some batreps featuring these powers. There's been a lot of talk about these new psychic powers and how they are very over powered. Just like any other psychic lore there are some good ones and some duds. My favorite go to lores are still Divination, Santic and Telepathy.

There is one really good psychic power from the new Fulmination lore called Veil of Time which is a blessing and allows the target unit to re roll failed saves... Obviously this is really a great thing for Death Stars. The other new power (Shifting Worldscape) that really stands out is from the Geokinesis lore which allows you to move a piece of terrain up to 24"... Again really good for Death Stars since you can use the terrain as an open topped transport to launch assaults... Should work very well with the new Wulfen.

The other new powers didn't really grab me to be honest and even with a Libarius Conclave you're fishing for these two super powers with no guarantee you'll get them. There is one other new psychic power called Null Zone I should mention that's a malediction and subtracts 2 from the invulnerable save for the targeted enemy unit... I don't rank it as high as the other two since it's quite situational only being of value versus certain armies. Finally there's another new power Electrodisplacement from the Fulminations lore that lets you swap the position of two friendly units, one unit being the one with the casting psyker... This is a great way to get a soft unit out of combat and insert your Death Star into the melee in their place which is definitely a viable deterrent.

Seeing that the good psychic powers are spread over three lores (Techmomancy is not all that much to be honest) it's like I said above - you're fishing for them and probably won't get all the ones you really want. So I think due to the randomness alone you're at a potential risk rolling on these new lores. Have fun with them and hopefully you'll get some of the ones you really need.

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