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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Classing Gamers into three categories

In terms solely of playing the game I have come up with a three tier ranking:

1) Competitive
This player will take on most any challenge. To them it's part of the game and why they play. You don't hear them whining much.

2) Casual
This player is in it for the fun. Sure they would like to win but it's not a big deal to them when they lose. They simply enjoy playing the game as a past time. This player doesn't whine much either.

3) Casual but truly Competitive
These are the players who ruin the game for everyone and are hypocrites. They say they are casual but are actually very competitive HOWEVER they don't want the challenge of possibly losing to players they think are better than them. These are the players who whine the most and constantly slap each others' back - they form up a tight clique and seek to keep others outside their circle.

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