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Friday, July 17, 2015

Project Daemonkin • Khorne Kytan versus Wraithknight

There is finally a super heavy walker that can go toe to toe with the Wraithknight. I see the Kytan as the much needed hammer to the anvil for Daemonkin. The Internet buzz regarding playing an MSU style list has finally dissipated not having produced top results at several big events such as the recent BAO.

While you're paying considerably more points for the Khorne super heavy Walker it has the stats to take down a Wraithknight and literally walk away plus it's very easy to buff with things like the Grimiore of True Names and Cursed Earth. Sure we can make it invisible but so can eldar for the Wraithknight which would come down to who stomps the best and the Kytan has the edge. I predict the Kytan and Chaos Knight will both shift the meta. The Kytan being armor 13 on both front and side armor facings makes scatbikes irrelevant too.

My current project Ravenwing is wrapping up so you can expect to see some Daemonkin batreps coming soon here.

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