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Sunday, July 12, 2015

My take on the current rules debate regarding the Librarius Conclave

My take on the rules debate regarding the Librarius Conclave... First ask yourself why would anyone cast with the other Librarians unless the first one casting on 2+ dies from perils or is out of range for a witchfire ? It can be argued what is the end of the psychic phase but really we all know GW stinks it up when it comes to writing iron clad air tight rules.

To me the end of the psychic phase is the last spell to be cast so after the primary Librarian is done you could cast one more spell with another Librarian from the Conclave... It's certainly not the next phase. I can tell you that three or more Librarians mounted on bikes are not going to have any problems with range.

So sure this formation is extremely powerful but there's no need to incorrectly interpret their rules.

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