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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hobbytown Team Tourney Wrap Up Report

Yesterday we had a team tournament over in Tampa - eight teams were there with the following armies:

1. Space Marines + Space Wolves & Space Marines & Imperial Knight
2. Dark Angels & Eldar (Wraithknight)
3. Daemons & Daemons + Greater Brass Scorpion
4. Tyranids & Tyranids + Hierodule
5. Space Marines & Astra Militarum + Imperial Knight
6. Space Wolves + Space Marines & Chaos Space Marines
7. Eldar & Eldar (Wraithknight)
8. Orks & Orks + Stompa

So as you can see there were plenty of super heavies and gargantuan creatures.

Here is my White Scars army with Space Wolf allies:

Chapter Master - Bike - Artificer Armor - Power Fist - Shield Eternal - Auspex

Command Squad - Bikes
Chapter Banner - 4x Grav Gun - 4x Stormshield - Thunderhammer - 3x Meltabombs

4x Biker - 2x Grav Gun
Sergeant - Meltabombs
Attack Bike - Multi-Melta

4x Biker - 2x Grav Gun
Sergeant - Meltabombs
Attack Bike - Multi-Melta

Rune Priest - Bike - Runic Armor - Force Axe - Meltabombs - Level 2 Psyker

5x Grey Hunter - 5x Chainsword - Meltagun
Wolf Guard - Frost Axe - Meltabombs

Drop Pod

Here is my team mate's list (White Scars as well) to the best of my memory:

Librarian - Level 2

2x Devastator Centurion - Grav Cannon & Grav Amp - Hurricane Bolters
Sergeant - Grav Cannon & Grav Amp - Hurricane Bolters - Omniscope

4x Tactical Marine - Grav Gun

2x Landspeeder - 2x Heavy Bolter

Landraider - Multi-Melta

Imperial Knight - Battle Cannons - Gatling Gun

I liked all the missions and every game was a great time making some new friends.

The first game was versus the sixth team. The CSM player is fairly new to the game and was matched up with a veteran Marine player. The vet had a really tough wolfstar with Thunderlord and Chapter Master that had me concerned... It was a full squad of Thunderwolves all with stormshields plus some thunderhammers for good times. We were packing a whole lot of Grav so it would come down to those stormshield saves. I had no desire to fight them in assault as the wolfstar has a much higher damage output plus every model in the star is multi wound. The second turn the CSM player's daemon prince periled and rolled a one following by an 11 for its leadership test... Ouch. We played the keep away game pouring as much Grav as possible into the wolfstar slowly whittling it down. Towards the end of the game all that was left of wolfstar was the Wolf Lord (2 wounds), Chapter Master (2 wounds) and one Thunderwolf... They missed a 7" charge and suffered a couple more wounds from my prescienced BikeStar which pretty much ended it there. Next turn the last of the wolfstar was gravved down and the biker squads turbo boosted onto objectives to seal the win. I feel Grav heavy White Scars biker armies have an edge over wolfstars due to the Grav and turbo boosting to keep the wolves at arm's length. It's very important how you deploy so they can't trap you in a corner. I rolled up Master of Ambush for my warlord trait and actually infiltrated on their side of the table to maximize my space. We scored 19 out of a possible 28 this round.

The second game was versus the fourth team - Tyranids with the ranged Hierodule. I was very concerned about the Hierodule with all the 48" ranged S10 AP3 shooting... Luckily prescienced Centurions popping out from the Landraider first turn saw to its early demise - they had Perfect Timing up as well. It kind of went down hill from their for the xenos and we maxed out on our score this round (28).

The final round sees us facing off versus the team I feared the most - daemons with the Greater Brass Scorpion (GBS). They had lots of psychic powers in the beginning to buff it up with things like Grimoire and Cursed Earth. The GBS has a cannon that fires the large blast up to 48" if it doesn't move - S10 AP2 and it ignores cover... Really a bad matchup for my bikes. We decided to ignore it since it's pretty much unkillable with all the buffs. Daemons are the worst army for Centurions too and my Grav... Oh well we do have plenty of bolters so they'd have to go to work ! Our opponents got to go first which turned out to work in our favor - they dropped the portagylph which the Centurions popped our first turn scoring us First Blood plus two maelstrom points. It was a very bloody game starting turn 2 with not much left on either side by the end of the game. Chapter Master got stomped to death by the GBS during the third turn but we were able to finish off the ScreamerStar quickly which was a huge threat to our Knight. The Knight turned out to be the MVP taking out big chunks of the daemon forces every turn plus stomping to death an invisible summoned Keeper of Secrets that had gone Super Saiyan after periling with only one hull point left. WOW !!! That was super critical ! We kept our forces split on either side of the table to deter the direction making decisions for the GBS. The last turn we just managed to take the primary on maelstrom - the GBS was just able to clip a small fin on my Rune Priest's bike and failed his 6+ re rollable invulnerable save... Luckily the last biker from the command squad stuck his 3++ then by the grace of the Emperor and Khan stuck one more critical save. Those two maelstrom points we scored during the first turn paid off in the end. So we ended up winning with a score of 24 out of 28. We focused on the mission objectives and pretty much ignored the GBS - it's really really nasty !

So it's looking like super heavies and gargantuan creatures are here to stay plus they can be a lot of fun... Their inclusion definitely added a lot of excitement to each game.

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