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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Greg Swanson's BikeStar Chicago RTT Batreps

Played in approximately twenty person tournament over the weekend run by Alan Bajramovic (otherwise know as Alan Pajama Pants). It was at Everything Games in Buffalo Grove Illinois. Alan had come up with some unique missions where instead of gaining points for everything you do you add negative points to your opponents score and the one with the least negative points wins. Also you are presented with a choice of missions, there are two primary you can choose from and two secondary. Another twist on the missions was that it had first strike whether than first blood, where both opponents can get this if you kill something in the first turn. The full tournament post canbe found at the AWC site. The missions are here:

You could have unlimited sources and anything that was 40K approved from Forge World including titans. (As a matter of fact the last tourney was won by a Chaos Warhound). I took an army composed of a Dark Angel Ravenwing Strike Force, an Iron Hands Librarius Conclave and an Imperial Knight Errant. The list is as follows:

Ravenwing Command Squad 6 Knights, apoth, champ, banner, grenade launcher
6 Black Knights, 1 grenade launcher
4 Ravenwing Bikers 2 Gravguns, 1 Combi Grav
3 One man multimelta attack bike squads
Dark Shroud w/heavy bolter

3 Level 2 Librarians on Bikes all w/auspex & melta bombs, one of each force weapon (1 staff, 1 axe, 1 sword) so I could tell them apart

Knight Errant w/stubber

Game 1
The first game was against Curtis Kaminski an Eldar/Dark Eldar player with two CADS.
Dark Eldar
Succubus w/portal and other stuff
Warriors w/blaster in raider w/dark lance
Warriors w/blaster in venom w/splinter cannons
Razorwing w/2 dark lances and 4 monoscythe missiles
Tanatalus w/bunch of stuff

5 Wraithguard w/cannons
5 Dire avengers in wave serpent w/eml
10 guardians w/eml
Hemlock wraith fighter
Wraith knight w/shield and sword

He had a couple of shrieks and hallucination and some other powers but no fortune
I have Invis, hallucination, shriek on one, perfect timing, forewarning and prescience on another, and the last has dominate mental fortitude and shriek.

The mission is dawn of war deployment. We both choose control objectives, there is one in my deployment zone one in his and one in the center of the board. We both choose hold the center too. He goes first sets up the wraith knight and the guardians in some ruins to my right and the dire avengers in the wave serpent to the left. Everything else is either flying on or deep striking. I set up so I can scout forward and get everything in range of the wraith knight first turn and send the attack bikes and talon to get the wave serpent. His first turn he shuffles around taking some pot shots doing nothing. My first turn I cast invis on the command squad and prescience on the grav squad and go to town. With all the shooting I do 2 wounds to the wraithknight and two hull points to the wave serpent. His turn two everything but the hemlock comes on. I learn a very harsh lesson. The tantalus is so big that it falls with in two facings of the knight thus denying me my shield one wraith guard six later my knight is dead and two of my command squad with it. The wraith knight kills the grav squad but taking two wounds in the process (go go grim resolve). He walks the mono scythe blasts on to my dark shroud who in another lesson learned I had moved to close to an attack bike. In my turn the black knights are able to finish off the wraith knight, the command squad makes short work of the tantalus and the black knights and the command squad would make short work of the farseer and succubus and wraith guard. The attack bikes then rolled through the wave serpent dire avengers and guardians taking a wound each on two and losing one completely. I would wipe everything out but his two fighters and control all the objectives and hold the center. I won -6 to -29.

Game 2
The second game is against Alan himself playing his BAO winning list. He is playing the ringer in the tournament. The mission for him is kill three of my units – the attack bikes. Mine is hold the relic. His list is
D thirster w/gifts he gets (reroll invuls and armor bane/flesh bane + axe of khorne)
2 units of horrors
Prince w/Grimoire

10 cultists

The mission is hammer and anvil. The game was quick and bloody it ended with the command squad dying on the relic to a one wound prince and a few daemonettes with Fateweaver flying around. One of the highlights was the invisible knight stomping the D thirster(who had a 2+ rerollable invulnerable save) out of existence in my turn one. Another was the black knights snap firing the heldrake out of the air. The turn that lost it for me was when I gambled with the attack bikes. I sent three of them to kill the unit of daemonettes that would cost me the game. I moved into cover and shot them with all three not killing a single one with 9 shots. Then I had baited them to charge me knowing I had grim resolve and would go first for being in cover. I killed three and the other seven preceded to rend me out fo existence giving Alan his primary and eventually those daemonettes would help finish off my command squad. A crushing loss -28 to -9.

Game 3
The last game was against Mitch Tucker another of the Chicago Kamikazes. He was playing an Army with an Eldar CAD, Windrider Host and a Revenant. His list was:

Eldar CAD
Autarch on Bike
2 x 3 Windriders w/one scatter laser
Revenant Titan

Windrider Host
Farseer on Bike
Warlock on Bike
3 x 3 Windriders w/three scatter lasers
Vyper w/scatter laser
Wraith Knight w/shield and sword

The mission was hold 4 objectives with a catch. If you controlled one of the other two objectives that did not count for scoring you could casue the other objectives to blow up with a strength 8 ap 2 large blast that ignores cover. The secondary for both of us was modified killed points. The deployment was corners and I went first. He deployed the two lords of war and reserved everything else. I scouted to keep the revenant hemmed in. I was able to take a few hull points off of the revenant and a few wounds on the wraith knight. I was also able to invis the command squad and fortune the black knights. His turn was very poor putting a few wounds on attack bikes and killing a random bike with shooting. He charged the Black Knights with the wraith knight and I was able to put a few more wounds on the wraith knight and survive the stomping. I was able to hit and run and next turn finish off both the wraith knight and the revenant between shooting and combat. The rest of the game was just running down bikes. I was able to table him by turn six. I won -6 to -38.

All in all it was a fun tourney. I learned a few things. The librarius conclave is awesome. It pretty much guaranteed me at least two powers a turn and with six rolls I was able to get at least one invisibility in each game. However I only usually get off two powers a turn because that is all I can cast with the conclave. The iron hands trait is awesome as it allows me to make FNP rolls on a 4+. I finished near the top with a – 40. I didn’t stay around for the results and they haven’t been posted yet but the leader I believe had -31. So over all I think the list performed well.

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