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Tuesday, February 03, 2015


TempleCon is this weekend and I'm going. It's a highly regarded GT for only 100 players drawing some of the best players from the country. I will be bringing DraigoStar to this event since they allow character Lords of War. Here is my army list:

Grey Knights Primary

Lord Khaldor Draigo /Warlord

Librarian - Level 3 Psyker - Liber Daemonica - stormbolter - Nemesis daemonhammer

9x Grey Knight - 2x psycannon (Strike squad)
Justicar - Nemesis daemonhammer

4x Grey Knight - psycannon (Strike squad)
Justicar - Nemesis Daemonhammer

Stormraven - twin linked multi-melta - twin linked assault cannon - hurricane sponsons - locator beacon

Red Scorpions Allies

Severin Loth

Techmarine - combi-plasma

4x Scout - bolt pistols & close combat weapons
Landspeeder Storm - heavy flamer

4x Devastator Centurion - grav cannons & grav amps - missile launchers
Sergeant - twin linked lascannon - missile launcher - omniscope

I have play tested the list as much as possible locally but would have liked to play against a wider variety of armies. This should be a great test for the army. I will try to take lots of pictures for the coming battle reports.

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