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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Round 2 @ LVO

How round 2 at LVO went down yesterday... I was paired up against Steve Sisk, the BAO champion... So two top biker armies slugging it out with Purge the Alien for the primary. I had the lead on kill points going into the final turn. BikeStar concussed his Knight with a Grav gun bringing it down to 2-3 hull points then I charge. Chapter Master swinging five attacks with the power fist, command squad biker swinging 3 attacks with a thunderhammer and two Meltabomb attacks hitting on 3+... BikeStar comes up empty inflicting no damage... Aaaaarghhhhh ! The Knight in turn takes out my Chapter Master and that's all she wrote. Oh well it was a great game indeed.

The LVO is a W - L format so I dropped out for today to hang out in Vegas.

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