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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Horus vs. Abbadon • Part 1

A cold wind blew through the crypt chilling to the bone. Subsonic distortion played in the background squelching any attempt at spoken conversation. The Sorcerer mouthed the words to the ancient spell as the fresh sacrifices were offered to the warp. Abbadon watched in silence. The sky lit up like day as a lightning bolt speared straight down splitting the encircled pentagram bleached into the ruined cobblestone. Booming like the first wave of an Exterminatus the thunder clap deafened all observers to the ancient rite. Fresh red blood boiled up through the deep cracks in the cobblestone swelling into a lapping pool of crimson. The air grew hazy as electrical sparks began to play amongst the parched white bones left from those consumed. A deep throbbing moan grew in tempo like the heart beat of a giant raging with eternal hatred.

Abbadon felt the hair on his arms involuntarily go stiff as the mixture of perverted powers swirled like a maelstrom. The warp opened at first like a tiny dot in the center of the wreck then slowly opened. Hidden fiends spilled through wailing like Banshees then all was silent. There at the very center of the pentagram stood a behemoth covered in black plated scale. His eyes shone like silver as he opened them to the dark night. "You have called me back through time and space but you cannot bind me to your will for I am your sire - you were created from my genetic matter as were all my children." Horus flexed his great Talon distorting the immediate area in a sheath of blinding light as he stepped from the center. The claws folded back tearing through the fabric of reality like daggers penetrating skin. The weapon called out to its twin shrieking like a phantom. "You have violated the very core of quantum science. Two things of precisely equal measure cannot occupy the same place and time. This you should know." Abbadon felt the sudden weight of his Talon. It felt like a tonne of brick pulling his arm down by his side. "Only the original can reside." said Horus as the Despoiler's Talon began to dematerialize. "It is mine!"

There was a gaping hole in the armor of Horus' lower torso. Darkness filled the void. "This is my wound taken from Sanguinius. He was the one who in truth slayed me as you know. The Emperor could not contain him so deeply consumed by his Black Rage that drove him mad. So the Emperor took his life and at the greatest cost. It was Dorn whom bound the Emperor to the Golden Throne in a pique of deep loathing. This too you know for you were there with me. For the briefest moment I was lucid and the Emperor recognizing it beckoning me back to his side which in turn ignited the Blood Angel's bout of Black Rage and brought about Dorn's ire. I am completely corrupt as are you, which was our choice made in the name of free will."

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