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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Reinventing BikeStar and the inclusion of WolfStar

So the original BikeStar was built on the premise of using White Scars (Scars) as the primary detachment with Space Wolves (SW) as the ally.

Here is the original abbreviated core:

- White Scars -
Chapter Master: Bike - Artificer Armor - Shield Eternal - Thunderhammer

Khan - Moondrakken

Command Squad: Bikes - Apothecary - Storm Shields - Grav Guns

Troops: Bikes w. Grav Guns & Attack Bike w. Multi-Melta

- Space Wolves -
Wolf Lord: Bike - Runic Armor - Storm Shield - Thunderhammer - Wolf Tooth Necklace - Saga of the Bear

Rune Priest - Bike - Runic Armor - Level 2 Psyker

Troops: Grey Hunters in Drop Pods

The game has changed a lot since this list was originally designed and formations are the new hotness. So we have to go back and completely overhaul the original list. I think the new design is overall much much stronger !

The first change is that Space Wolves now become the primary detachment and White Scars are the ally. You can run the SW Company of the Great Wolf detachment from the Champions of Fenris supplement. Note that it doesn't require any troops – so you can cherry pick the best units:

— HQ (Wolf Lords)
— Other HQ (i.e., Rune Priest or Wolf Priest)
— Iron Priests
— Thunderwolves

These are the beat stick units and you can still field Grey Hunters in drop pods. Note that Thunderwolves are WS5 under this detachment.

My two choices for Wolf Lords are as follows:

Harald Deathwolf (HQ & Warlord)

He comes with a Thunderwolf mount, runic armor, storm shield and power axe. I have chosen him as my Warlord since he confers Stubborn to the WolfStar as well as Furious Charge. He is also a bargain at only 190 points. I also equip him with two Fenrisian Wolves (+16 points).

Wolf Lord (HQ):
Thunderwolf Mount - Runic Armor - Storm Shield - Power Fist - Fellclaw's Teeth (Relic), 2x Fenrisian Wolf

Here is my build for the Iron Priest (Elite):

Thunderwolf Mount - 4x Cyberwolf

Note that cyberwolves count as characters and as such can accept or issue challenges. The Iron Priest also has a Servo Arm which is AP1 along with his thunderhammer and he has runic armor. Finally the Iron Priest has +1 wound due to his Thunderwolf mount.

The second change is the possible removal of the Rune Priest for a Wolf Priest mounted on a bike - note he will join BikeStar. The Wolf Priest also provides a redundant source of FNP (6++). The Wolf Priest confers Fearless and Preferred Enemy to BikeStar as well. I am considering dropping the Rune Priest for several reasons. The Rune Priest does not have access to Telepathy so no Insta-Gizz plus points are tight so why take a unit that is somewhat random when those points can go towards something a lot more reliable such as the Wolf Priest? Necrons and Tau do just fine without any psykers so it's quite possible to design an optimized list that does not rely upon certain psychic powers for some of their main buffs. I'd also like to kit the Wolf Priest with Frost Fury (Relic) to work in some Hellfrost.

Here is the kernel of the WolfStar:

6x Thunderwolf (Elite):
They all have storm shields and will have a mix of Wolf Claws and Power Fists.

So you have two Wolf Lords, Iron Priest, six Thunderwolves, four cyberwolves and four Fenrisian wolves for the WolfStar. That's a huge foot print and can easily initiate multi-charges if necessary. Remember that the Wolf Priest joins the BikeStar.

Captain (same build as Chapter Master - see above)

Command Squad:
Bikes - Apothecary - 4x Storm Shield - 4x Grav Gun - 3x Meltabombs - Thunderhammer

If you really want Hit and Run in the WolfStar then attach the Chapter Master.,. but I don't think it's absolutely necessary.

Finally there are two White Scar biker squads:

Sergeant - Meltabombs - Combi-Grav
3x Biker - 2x Grav Gun
Attack Bike - Multi-Melta

You have two deathstars - BikeStar and WolfStar... Hard hitting and extremely mobile. There are also the two objective secured biker squads to grab objectives. Characters can split off solo or form mini stars to hunt down weak enemy units.

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