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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

BikeStar RTT Game 3 Batrep

My last game was versus Astra Militarum. I'm not sure how the pairings were done but basically I had one max game and one min. This mission is Emperor's Will. To make a long story short I got to go first again and got the same Warlord Trait as last game. My opponent did not deploy well and I was able to infiltrate in very close. He failed to seize and after my second turn I had tabled everything except for his Vendetta transporting some veterans. My opponent rolls a snake eye to bring in the flyer so it's game over. Short and sweet. Like I said in the first batrep there was one more round but I had to leave early because of the person I rode with to the shop (out of town). The last mission was kill points which is never a good thing for dark eldar - I definitely think I had a shot at first place depending upon how everything shook out. Funny enough I probably would have ended up playing the guy I ride with to the RTT (Tau).

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