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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dark eldar rules

From Warseer:

- Huskblades: AP3, cheaper (not a relic)

- Racks now work on all Splinter weapons

- Wych weapons nerfed:
• Hydras confer Shred
• Razors reroll To Hit
• Shardnet/Impaler reroll 1s on To Hit and To Wound

- Stun Claw is +1S AP6, confers ID in challenge

- Shadow Field is more expensive

- Incubi are still AP2

- Torment Grenade Launchers: 24", blast, S1, unit hit tests on leadership, takes a wound for each point it failed, no armor or cover saves (doesn't affect ATSKNF)

- Night Shield confers Stealth

- Hex Rifle inflicts ID on Precision Hits

- Soul Trap gives +1ST for each unsaved wound inflicted in a challenge

- Reavers no longer attack while moving, now bladevanes are improved HoW. Caltrops inflict D6 rending HoWs, Gravs inflict Concussive

- Spirit Probe now improves FNP of all dark eldar within 6" by 1 to a max of 4+

- Phantasm grenade launcher works like TGL but shorter range

- Ossefactor is assault 1, fleshbane, AP2. If something is killed then the victims unit get d6 hits with S equal to T of the victim, AP-, ignores cover

- Liquifier is now S3

- Implosion missiles are S6 AP2 blast

- Chain Flails now only give Shred

- Talos has 3 attacks, same as Chronos

- Both Haemy and Archon improve PfP, they let a unit add a 1 to the turn number for PrP, this stacks

- Warlord traits are crap, one gives the warlord +1 WS...

- Artefacts look average too:
• there is the old Djinn blade which works almost the same
• a helmet that gives Adamantium Will in 12" and perils on any double
• a terrible pistol
• ghostplate that gives -2 Ld in 6" and Fear
• there is also Animus Vitae which is a one use, assault 1, S4 AP2, 8" that if a unsaved wound is inflicted lets all dark eldar add 1 to the turn number for PfP effects until the end of the game

- Dodge now works against any wounds inflicted in fight sub phase

- bomber is 10 AV on all sides

- Venom Blade can only be taken by the Acothyst now

- no flickerfields for anything other than venoms

- sails let a vehicle flat out 24"

- lances on infantry are a bit cheaper

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