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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lords of War (LoW) characters — Yea or Nay

I am wondering how people feel about allowing the use of the new Lords of War characters we have seen so far in the first three new seventh edition codices (i.e., Ghaz, Logan Grimnar and Lord Kaldor Draigo) for tournaments. None of them seem overpowered to me compared to some of the other Lords of War entries such as the Transcendental C'Tan and Revenant Titan.

Some of you might remember there was once a time when you were required your opponent's permission to use special characters... Seems like we are falling back into that mode of thinking again.

Should it be all or nothing or would you prefer to allow the use of these characters There are several options:

- No LoW allowed, including characters
- All LoWs allowed
- Only character LoWs allowed
- Ban list with LoWs character allowed
- LoW characters instead count as an HQ choice for their codex

It's not like this a trend that will stop anytime soon. You can expect Vect to be a LoW character when the new dark eldar codex releases and I'm sure Blood Angels will have one too. I know of one GT last year that allowed all LoW and it didn't seem to go over well.

I'm planning to use Draigo in pickup games and would like to be able to use him in tournaments - same for Logan too. Imperial Knights seem much more powerful to me - Super Heavy Walker with D weapons... Kind of silly.

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