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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Can Chaos make a comeback ?

Daemons seemed to have dropped from tier one now... Kairos is not great anymore and daemon princes don't have much of a chance versus Dreadnaughts and Knights. Chaos Space Marines have always struggled. Also the change to having to wait a turn to assault from swooping is a big nerf in general to daemon princes. However Space Marines are on the rise and are definitely top tier—this in a way has breathed new life back into Chaos Space Marines since they are so good at killing their Imperial counterparts. By way of multiple sources I think you can build a solid Chaos army.

This weekend I played a couple games bringing my Khorne army back out again using Black Legion, a Spartan, Contemptor dreadnaught and the Green Knight amongst other things. Kharn was my Warlord and still packs a mean stick. One game was versus Space Marines with two Sicaran tanks and the Lancer Knighg from Forge World and the other game was versus the Green Tide. It is amazing how many Orks died in one turn. Overall I had some good luck and rolled well. The Contemptor dreadnaught is really good and can take out a Knight in one round of close combat if the dice are willing. I'm really liking Khorne again. Funny how things can change.

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