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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grey Knights

Okay so let's talk about the new Grey Knights codex... I know a lot of players don't like it but I actually have nothing bad to say and there's lots of great things in my opinion. Sure they lost some nice things (psybolt ammo for example) but they also got some much needed point reductions. I see them as working very well combined with some other Imperial forces.

I always played pure Grey Knights so the loss of the assassins and =][= is no big deal to me plus if you are using multiple sources it doesn't really matter. Multiple sources are the future of 40k so if you can accept that then I think you'll end up a lot more happy.

Here are the units that stand out to me:

— Draigo is still a beast and finally has an AP2 force weapon plus he automatically knows Gate of Infinity (GoI) from the Santic lore which is a big deal. Not everybody accepts him right now since Draigo is classified as a Lord of War so you unfortunately might have to deal with that issue for awhile... Silly.

— The Librarian at level 3 Psyker will be a typical choice. He is a lot less points now and is a great force multiplier.

— Terminators got a hefty point reduction and I think they'll become the standard troop choice. I used them when I played the old Draigowing and they were a staple unit for me. You only need one unit if you use the new detachment and the option to combat squad is appealing. Psycannons still work well for them since terminators are relentless. My advice is to take at least two daemonhammers.

— The Dreadknight got a huge point reduction - I can easily see two (max number for the detachment) to three in most armies. I'd equip mine with the teleporter, heavy psycannon (6 shots !!!) and a heavy incinerator. They will be the bane of monstrous creatures - including FMCs - and Imperial Knights.

You can build a solid force using just these units. I'd also throw in a couple of the new assassins as well - the Vindicare and Cullexus are both really good.

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