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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Army List Review - Scars w. Inquisition

Here is an army list review by request:

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (73)
Power sword - power armour - rad - psychotroke grenades /Warlord

A lot of players take Liber and servo skulls. The skulls are great versus White Scars and Khorne Dawgs... Any enemy unit that can scout or infiltrate. Now that there is a new War Lord Trait that allows you to infiltrate 3 units the skulls are even stronger. I don't see this guy lasting too long in a fist fight but those grenades are terrifying. Why'd you choose him as your War Lord? I think the Chapter Master is a better choice.

White Scars chapter Tactics

Chapter Master (250)
Shield Eternal - thunder hammer - bike - artificer armour

Always a great choice and a staple unit for White Scar biker armies.

Captain (170)
Relic blade - storm shield - bike - artificer armour (Brit)

I'd rather have a power first or the Burning Brand for AP2 over the relic blade.

Command Squad (320)
Bikes - Apothecary - 4x stormshield - 4x meltaguns - 3x power fists - lightning claw

Solid unit built for shooting and melee. Great combo with your HQ.

Terminator assault squad (485)
Land raider crusader w. multi-melta

I'm torn on this unit... Potentially quite lethal but might not synergize well with the rest of the army. If land raider is popped early the terms will be foot slogging. I'm assuming the Inquisitor joins this unit. If it's working for you that's what really counts and AV14 is really strong now.

Bike squad (160)
5x bikes - 2x grav-guns - lightning claw

Bike squad (135)
5x bikes - 2x meltaguns - combi-melta

You could use some meltabombs on the sergeants... They wreck shit dead.

Tactical squad (125)
5x Marine - meltagun - combi-melta
Drop pod

Stormtalon Gunship (125)
Skyhammer missiles

These are both solid choices including the bikes.

Overall looks like a good list.

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