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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Astra Militarum vs. Tau and Eldar

So the new codex is out now. My first thoughts are how will the Imperial Guardsmen stack up versus the top armies. Seems like most people who play this army are excited about the new rules and that's always a good thing. Based upon what I've read so far I'm uncertain how they will stack up versus Tau and Eldar. To be honest the new codex seems toned down overall compared to the previous release. Sure there's lots of good things but I don't see it making as big a splash in the competitive scene this time around. It used to be no one could lay down as much fire power as IG but now they have to contend with both Tau and Eldar. Some of the tanks are gone but except for the Griffon I don't think IG lost much in that regard. I do think IG will be an excellent ally for certain armies such as Space Marines and Sisters of Battle. They could also work well with Imperial Knights.

It's too early to say how good the new codex will play. I'm looking forward to reading batreps featuring the new Astra Militarum.

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