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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

40k Batrep Part 2 - Opening Engagement: White Scars & Space Wolves vs. Imperial Knights & Iron Hands

Lots of pictures these first two turns... Enjoy them now because I became fully engrossed in the game after the second turn.

1st Turn - White Scars & Space Wolves

Two drop pods arrive. One lands to my right in front of the defense line and the other lands in area terrain further to the right with a clear firing lane behind the defense line. The Rune Priest successfully casts both Forewarning and Prescience, targeting the deathstar (of course... Duh). The first Grey Hunter pack disembarks to cutoff forward movement for one of the Paladins. The second pack disembarks into the area terrain. The deathstar moves just on the other side of the defense line cutting off another Knight.

Shooting commences. The deathstar is able to strip several hull points from the closest Paladin and both Grey Hunter packs focus fire on one combat squad bringing them down to a couple Marines whom pass their morale check.

My opponent reminds me I can't charge since I scouted the deathstar... Heh. I'm right up in their face now though with multiple units.

1st Turn - Imperial Knights & Iron Hands

The Sternguard drop down taking a risky landing to cut off my Grey Hunters to my right but my opponent rolls a hit on the scatter. There's not much movement other than the drop pod. Note that the Iron Hands Sternguard split into combat squads when they disembark.

The Librarian successfully casts Terrify but my Rune Priest blocks it with his runic weapon.

Shooting then commences. I lose all of my White Scars bikers in the deathstar for First Blood to my opponent and the Wolf Lord takes a wound - I failed five LoS in a row... Dayum !!! The rest of my biker HQ are fully intact though.

Two Knights charge. One Grey Hunter pack is reduced to a single model and he passes his morale check. My biker HQ reduce the wounded Paladin to a single hull point then successfully Hit and Run out of combat dropping straight back.

2nd Turn - White Scars & Space Wolves

The third Grey Hunter pack arrives from reserve along with two more White Scars biker squads. The Grey Hunters land in the area terrain beside the other drop pod with minimal scatter. One biker squad pulls up one the far side of the area terrain well hidden from the Knights' line of sight. The other biker squad heads straight towards the Sternguard ready to blaze them hard. The Stormraven also arrives and moves in place to target rear armor on the Seneschal caught out of position.

The Rune Priest successfully casts Forewarning and Prescience but perils once rolling snake eyes... He's such a chump - heh.

The deathstar lines up to assault the Librarian along with his combat squad while the unengaged Grey Hunters line up for a charge on the closest Sternguard combat squad.

Shooting then commences. The deathstar refrains from shooting to make sure they'll have a two inch charge. The Stormraven manages to strip three hull points off the Seneschal. The biker squad and fresh Grey Hunter squad focus fire on the forward Sternguard combat squad—the wounded Sternguard suffer heavy losses then break off the table.

The deathstar charges the Librarian and combat squad blowing them off the table. The Paladin fails to inflict any wounds on the lone Grey Hunter... w00t !!! The other Grey Hunter pack charges the other Sternguard combat squad and locks horns.

At this point the Iron Hands have suffered heavy losses and the two Knights have lost a significant number of hull points... Chipping away at the big stone.

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