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Thursday, April 24, 2014

40k Batrep Part Three - White Scars & Space Wolves vs Imperial Knights & Iron Hands

2nd Turn - Imperial Knights & Iron Hands
My opponent's Stormraven arrives from reserve and makes a beeline towards mine. The Knights shift around to shoot and assault. His Marines hold their ground to rapid fire my Grey Hunters. Khan intercepts the Stormraven with Icarus lascannon and glances it.

His Stormraven blows mine out of the air. Rapid firing fails to inflict any damage. My Wolf Lord and Chapter Master tank all the shooting from his Knights.

The Seneschal makes it into combat with the deathstar but his unengaged Paladin comes up short. The other Paladin crushes the lone Grey Hunter. The deathstar suffers no wound then destroys the Seneschal for Slay the Warlord and consolidate into base contact with the unmanned Icarus lascannon. One down, two to go !

3rd Turn - White Scars & Space Wolves
My last White Scars biker squad fails to arrive this turn and the Rune Priest successfully casts both his Divination spells.

The remaining Grey Hunters form up to charge the Iron Hands with one White Scars biker squad moving forward into the fray to lend their support. The other White Scars biker squad moves into position to target the wounded Paladin.

Khan fires the Icarus lascannon into the wounded Paladin - the shot slips through and penetrates taking the Paladin down to its last hull point. The free roaming White Scars biker squad fail to finish it off. The Grey Hunters fire their pistols into the remaining Sternguard along with drop pods and drop a couple but the enemy unit doesn't break.

The Deathstar charges one of the wounded Paladins and blows it apart. Again another Knight is laid low. The mega blast scatters onto the remaining Paladin striping a hull point.

My Grey Hunters and one biker squad assault the remaining Sternguard wiping them all out. The Deathstar consolidates back into base contact with the Icarus lascannon while the Grey Hunters and White Scars spread out... aka Chinese fire drill.

One last Knight remaining now !!!

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