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Thursday, May 09, 2013

My last Grey Knight article

If you follow my blog then you know I'm a big fan of Grey Knights. I stuck with them going into sixth edition and have done well with my Grey Necron army. They are obviously still a very competitive army. It's time now though to move on and embrace other things. I toyed with the idea of building a Tau Grey Knight army to see if it could perform as well as my Grey Necrons but to be honest I'd rather focus my energies on Chaos. I'm sure I will still occasionally play my Grey Necrons and currently this is the army I plan to bring to the ATC. I am hoping if I play against another certain team they will have the balls to put their beloved tri land raider list to the test rather than ducking out. I guess we will just have to see if they will show the money. If they choose to duck I will take that as a concession. That's all I have to say. You can look forward to more articles here focusing on Chaos in the future.

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