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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Abbadon in sixth edition

Is Abbadon worth the points in sixth edition?

He costs 265 points and has a Warlord trait that only works versus Imperial Space Marines. Abbadon's ranged shooting consists of a combi bolter... I really wish he had the combi bolter on Horus' clawed Talon - S5 AP3 4 shots Assault Twin Linked. Something terrible must have happened when the weapon was removed from the dead body of the turncoat Primarch. The evil tech adepts dropped the proverbial ball.

Abbadon now unlocks Chosen as a troop choice. Of course Chosen are quite pricey when compared to dirt cheap cultists and zombies. One of the really good things now is Abbadon no longer has to worry about becoming a Spawn... He is totally worthy in the eyes of the dark Chaos Gods.

I think a lot of people forget Abbadon has all four Marks including Khorne... As such he benefits from Rage, Counter Attack and Furious Charge. I wish he had better protection versus enemy psychic powers but oh well if you are really worried attach a level 3 psyker to his unit. The other Marks are built into his profile. For awhile there was some discussion whether or not Abbadon could join a marked squad... Hurr hurr hurr. Thankfully GW put an end to that debacle of a debate.

If you want to play a powerful melee oriented Chaos Space Marine army then Abbadon is your man. He is immune to Instant Death so he is going to stick around for awhile with four wounds, 2+ armor save and a 4++ invulnerable save. Abbadon can generate a high number of attacks with Drachyen (13 maximum) since the tainted sword is a daemon weapon... I have wiped out a squad of five Mega Armored Nobs on the charge. To me that's quite impressive. I think he is better now than his previous incantation.

I like Chosen as a troop choice and am willing to pay the points. Chosen are very tactical and do everything well. In comparison cultists and zombies are objective holders. The Chaos land raider is your go to transport for Abbadon assuming you don't have access to Forge World units. If you can bring Forge World then I highly recommend a Dreadclaw drop pod... It doesn't count as a zooming flyer the turn it arrives from reserve so you don't have to worry about Crash and Burn. Get in close then multi charge the next turn.

I'm playing all Khorne and its working well for me. Soon I'll have Angron... More points so only feasible for big games. Maybe Abbadon is not the most competitive choice but still he is a total beast and is a lot of fun to plsy.

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