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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3rd BeakyCon3 Sample Mission

If you want to start practicing now for BeakyCon3 here is our third sample mission to help you start play testing your armies. These sample missions are designed to give you a good idea how the GT will work so you can properly prepare.

[1] Sequence of Order
01. Objective markers (if appropriate) are preplaced as per the specific mission rules. Otherwise place them after deployment zones are selected. Game begins.
02. Roll off for deployment zones and place fortifications.
03. Roll for Warlord Traits.
04. Roll for Psychic Lores.
05. Roll for army specific rules (e.g., Grey Knights' Grand Strategy, Dark Eldar Wyche drugs, etc.)
06(a ). Roll for Night Fight.
06(b ). Roll to see who deploys first and second. Player who deploys first goes first as well unless their opponent seizes the initiative - see step 9 below.
07. Deploy infiltrating units and make scout moves (as per rulebook).
08. Redeploy (e.g., Necron C'Tan Grand Illusion).
09. Roll for Seize the Initiative.
10. First turn begins...
11. Game ends - Note that random game length is modified. There are six turns and then a possible seventh turn on a roll of 4+ on 1d6. Dice Down when time is called.

Note that each round is up to three hours.

[2] There are two main objectives:
- The Emperor's Will:
Place your own objective marker within your deployment zone - it must be at least 6 inches from any board edge; if you control your own marker it's worth 2 battle points and if you control your opponent's then it's worth 4 battle points (at the end of the game obviously).
- Slay the War Lord:
This objective is worth 6 battle points.

A scoring unit can only hold one objective marker.

[3] Deployment: Dawn of War

[4] 1 battle point each for First Blood & Line Breaker.

[5] No Mystery Terrain or Mystery Objectives rules.

1st Tie Breaker:
If at the end of the game there is a draw on total battle points then use kill points as the first tie breaker.

2nd Tie Breaker:
If there is also a draw on kill points then whoever kills the most enemy scoring units wins.

Bonus Points - At the end of the game record how many kill points you earned. This is used for pairings and possible tie breakers after the final round. These points do not count toward your individual mission battle points.

Remember that each game goes six turns automatically. There is a seventh turn on a roll of 4 on 1d6 (modified random game length). This applies to all missions. You will be questioned by the TOs if you have more than one game that only goes to turn 4... You may be penalized if its decided you're slow playing, so don't muck about.

Army Guidelines:
• 2250 points
• Double FOC
• Allies
• Fortifications (up to one per army)
• Forge World:
You can field Forge World units with the 40k Approved stamp of approval from the following two books:

- Imperial Armor Apocalypse 2nd Edition
- Imperial Armor Aeronautica

Bran Redmaw (Forge World) can be taken as an HQ slot for Space Wolves.

Note that you must follow the guidelines from Forge World and bring the appropriate rulebook(s). No proxies or counts as are allowed. Make sure to bring the most current rules. Photocopies and PDFs will not be accepted.

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