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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chaos Space Marines • Where's the Cheese ??

Phil Kelly is the same person that wrote all of the following broken codices:

• Godzilla Tyranids
• Tri-Falcon-EldradAvatar-Harlequin-Death-Star Eldar
• Orks
• Thunder Space Wolves

I have reviewed the new codex for Chaos and must ask a simple question...

Where is the cheese ?

Now that could be a good thing or that could be a bad thing... It just depends upon your own personal point of view. One of the great things in my mind is that it wasn't written by Robin Cruddance - thank the Emperor !!! LOL

I suppose Phil has reached the mature age where upon he has decided he wants to maintain longevity in his career with GW and I can't blame him. A lot of very talented developers have come and gone. Controversial books can make or break you.

I think that one of the best things going for the new codex is the flavor. The last codex was extremely bland and then shortly after its release Gav Thorpe got the proverbial pink slip... It happens to the best of them. Remember if you can that the creative mind of Gav gave staples of the game such as Feel No Pain and Furious Charge (both released in one of the most broken codices ever - 40k3 Blood Angels of all armies). God bless people like Andy Chambers.

I'm not in any way knocking the new codex... Like I said its got a lot of flavor... Not nearly to the same level as the 40k3.5 codex but it's a major improvement over the last codex and to best honest I am so very glad not to see crap like Jaws of the World Wolf and Thunderwolf Calvary !! Seriously seriously serious. I do think some strong builds will eventually emerge but it will require a good amount of serious cogitating which is always a great thing in my mind. Just think if ever codex was written on a similar level... That would be a great thing, right ?

So I tip my hat to Phil - its one less thing to worry about for now. From a 40k6 point of view I find the codex quite interesting. Is this the direction GW is headed ? I will reserve final judgement until the first true 6th edition codex by Mat Ward is released. A lot of people said the new Necrons sucked for a long time but obviously that's not true at all. Cheese has a way of creeping back up in the least likeky of places. Make of that what you will. I can say honestly I'm quite excited about the future of 40k in a big way. :D

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