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Friday, October 19, 2012

BeakyCon2 Round 4 Batrep - Tyranids vs Grey Knights-Imperial Guard

Here is a battle report from my good friend John who brought his Tyranids to BeakyCon2. I have played John a few times and every game has been quite epic going down to the last turn, some times even the last roll. I consider this one of the top matches, if not the top match, from BeakyCon2 this year. Unfortunately there are no pictures... Sorry !

John's Tyranid Army

Walking Hive Tyrant (#1) - Armored Shell, 2x Devourer, Old Adversary (Warlord)
1x Tyrant Guard
Warlord Trait: useless

Winged Hive Tyrant (#2) - 2x Devourer

3x Hive Guard
3x Hive Guard

2x Zoanthrope

10 x Gant
19x Gant
20x Gant

Tervigon (#1) - Toxin Sacs & Adrenal Glands
Tervigon (#2) - Toxin Sacs & Adrenal Glands
Tervigon (#3) - Toxin Sacs & Adrenal Glands, Crushing Claw

2x Biovore

Tyranid Psychic Powers
Tyrant #1 - Endurance & Enfeeble
Tyrant #2 - Iron Arm & Hemorrhage
Zoanthrope #1 -  Crush & Telekine Dome
Zoanthrope #2-  Telekine Dome & Shockwave
Tervigon #1 -  Endurance, Warp Speed & Enfeeble
Tervigon #2 - Iron Arm, Life Leech & Enfeeble
Tervigon #3 - Iron Arm, Warp Speed & Life Leech

Opponent's Army List - Grey Knight Imperial Guard Fusion

Primary Detachment
Coteaz (Warlord)
Divination psychic powers - Ignore cover & Re-roll missed hits
Warlord Trait: -1 to enemy reserve rolls

Vindicare Assassin

4x Jokaero
Chimera - Searchlight

3x Acolyte - 2x Plasmagun
Chimera - Searchlight

10x Grey Knight - 2x Psycannon


Dreadknight - Heavy Incinerator

Company Command - 3x plasmagun, Master of Fleet

Infantry Platoon:
- Platoon Command
- 2x Infantry Squad
- 4x Heavy Weapon Squad - 3x autocannon ea.


Pre Game Analysis
This was a tough matchup and I knew it. Up to this point I had two losses in in 6th edition and both were to this same opponent. He plays the polar opposite to my army. At this point in the GT he was the leading player (undefeated and most battle points) and I was in second place.

• Vanguard Strike
• 4 Objective markers placed in a diamond formation
- two on the 3' line of the long table edge, each 6" from the board edge
- two 24" up the short edge and 18" in

Note that this was a diagonal deployment so I'll be using my long edge as a reference. My short edge is to the right while my opponent had the half to the top and left.

• Tiebreaker - Kill Points

Designer's Note - This mission was designed specifically with the objective markers pre-placed in a position to force a brutal confrontation for control of the game.

- Large LoS blocking wall in No Man's Land 12" from the top objective and towards my top right corner
- Large building in his deployment zone with several levels
- Another large building in the bottom left to No Man's Land but slightly closer to my opponent
- Small building in front of my bottom objective and short ruins behind it
- One more small building in my deployment zone
- Crater in opponent's deployment zone

I win and take second turn.

Night Fight
In effect the first turn.

Grey Knights
- Manticore is deployed far back in corner
- Dreadknight is in the front of his lines between his two large buildings
- Three plasma henchmen are deployed in a Chimera
- 5 basic Grey Knights deployed in psyback in front of his building in the top center by that objective marker
- 3 Heavy Weapon teams, 5 Grey Knights with 2 psycannons and the Vindicare assassin are deployed In the near building
- Both Infantry squads and the last three autocannon teams as well as Coteaz with the Jokaero are deployed in a Chimera behind the bottom left building
- Psyflemen are to either side of the Dreadknight
- CCS are deployed in a Chimera is slightly ahead of Coteaz' squad
- PCS is deployed with the Infantry squads

- 20 gants, Zoeys and Tervigon #2 (Iron Arm) with 3 Hive Guard in the far top right
(there's a wall there that can hide the Tervigon easily from LoS)
- 2 Tervigons and the Tyrant are all touching area terrain for saves over in the bottom left
- 19 gants up to the left, 10 of which are well behind
- Biovores are also hiding
- 3 Hive Guard are behind the area terrain
- Flyrant reserved

Turn 1 - Grey Knights
Autocannons let loose, I take no wounds (Night Fight). The Manticore hits dead on and I fail a save on both the left Tervigons and the Tyrant Guard. More chipping away... I take two more wounds on one Tervigon from Psyflemen and Monkeys. The Chimeras and Razback basically lit things up for the Psyflemen and Manticore.

Turn 1 - Tyranids
Psychic powers go off all over. I advance on both of my two halves.  Shooting is okay... I wound the Dreadknight and the Biovores are ace and killing an autocannon team on the top level and they are pinned.  I also moved clear the gants from the wounded Tervigon.

Turn 2 - Grey Knights
Dreadknight advances slightly. More shooting kills the wounded Tervigon after crappy FnP saves, which also kills seven of the ten man gant squad nearby. Vindicare Assassin fails to wound the walking Tyrant. Manticore kill a Hive Guard.

Turn 2 - Tyranids
I advance again on both sides. Psychic powers go off. The Flyrant comes in and sweeps the command squad, killing four of them, then shoots the autocannon teams in the back and kills two - they manage to hold. Biovores target again and kill an autocannon from a seperate team. Dreadknight loses one more wound.

Turn 3 - Grey Knights
The gun line moves a bit and again opens up. I lose another Hive Guard and a wound on a Tervigon... Yay for Iron Arm! Dreadknight flames a bunch of gants on the left. The Walking Tyrant is down a wound now.

Turn 3 - Tyranids
The Hive advances again. Finally the Hive Guard are in range! Lone Hive Guard on left kills a Psyfleman and the three on right pop a psyback. Tyrant and depleted gants assault the Dreadknight and sweep it. Flyrant gets behind the Coteaz Chimera and blows it up sadly... If I'd glanced it to death he'd have been forced to disembark right next to me... as it is he's on the other end of the wreck now. I roll horribly low on charge there and fail. My Flyrant is in glide mode, ready to assault - Yikes!

Turn 4 - Grey Knights
He advances an infantry squad and the lone PCS survivor down the bottom around the building. The other squad goes up top onto the objective, right by the walking Tyrant. Shooting smokes the big gant blob on my left and then he focuses on the Tyrant. The three plasma henchmen jumped out of their ride to double tap... Amazingly 6 plasma shots kills two of their own and doesn't even manage to scratch my Tyrant! The CCS single taps out of their rhino and lose a member - down to just two plasmaguns now. The Flyrant and last Hive Guard on left are blasted off the table. He then tries to snipe my walking Tyrant (down to just two wounds) with his Vindicare assassin snipe but I Look out Sir! the shot to the Tyrant guard, who makes his FNP from the nearby Tervigon!

Turn 4 - Tyranids
Psychic powers boosts the Tyrant up to T9. It charges an infantry squad and rapes them. Biovores kill a few guardsmen in the infantry squad over to the bottom left. Hive Guard kill the Chimera. The Tervigon is hugging its wall still out of LOS. Zoies make their way down towards the bottom center objective along with three gants there.

Turn 5 - Grey Knights
His five man Strike squad loops around the wall and blasts away at 20 gants there. He then downs my last Tervigon over on the left. My Walking Tyrant (in cover) takes no harm except for finally losing the Tyrant Guard. A few scattered HWTs go for his objective as he is now perilously close to running out of troops there.

Turn 5 - Tyranids
I spawn gants (no doubles) over on the top center. They and the Hive Guard blast the five man Strike squad (two psycannons) - They are near that objective (which the gants now contest) - He loses four of them. Over on the left the last gants pass their Instinctive Behavior check and run to the area terrain anyways! They're less than 5" now from the objective - A roll of  1 on both the move through cover and run will get them into range. Zoies run to provide Synapse. The walking Tyrant assaults the last Psyfleman, who is near the objective... I don't Smash and don't even glance him - The Tyrant is T9 again and I'm contesting that objective.

Turn 6 - Grey Knights (last turn due to time)
He fires away and the infantry squad on the bottom left kills two gants by the bottom objective - The last one is completely out of Line of Sight. He then targets my big blob on the far right objective and whipes it out. Tyrant and Dreadnaught both whiff away.

Turn 6 - Tyranids
I run the lone gant over to the objective. Gants in top center kill the lone Grey Knight and take that objective. Tervigon moves and runs onto the right side one. The Tyrant is still contesting the left one.

Final Result: Tyranid Victory, 3-0 on objectives!!!

Post Game Analysis
That was an ugly ugly game. My opponent did roll very poorly at times, but I think I'd have still won on objectives just by a last turn contest from the Tervigon hiding behind the wall. The dice backfired a few times when it hurt him most. This win put me at 4W-0L and I am the top ranked player out of three still undefeated. The last two left are Daemons and an Imperial Guard army.

Here is the brief summarized batrep from the Grey Knight player...

This is the one game I lost and I should not have lost it. At the start of day 2 my dice completely failed me and nothing worked despite rerolls and only needing 2+, etc. It was just terrible. I'd played this guy before and he's a good player, but every time I'd ended up on top by a wide margin. TL;DR, my opponent didn't beat me, my own dice did. I ended up losing despite having most of my army and him having almost none of his left, aside from the one termagant in the aforementioned terrain piece and a Tervigon that did a last turn poop-and-steal through a piece of terrain that kept it hidden.

So there you have it - A big win for the Hive Mind. You can follow the rest of his batreps here:

Knighthammer40k Blog

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