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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

BeakyCon2 Hall of Fame

Last year Brad Bitler went 6-0 to close out the silver bracket and take home the award for Emperor's Champion. Unfortunately Brad won't be able to return again this year due to having to attend his brother's marriage. He will be missed by all.

Blake (Alan Blakesborough) took home the award for Warmaster to close out the golden bracket and will be back again this year to defend his grand title... Blake has some stiff competition this year indeed.

Brian Poole will return and was the first runner up last year in the golden bracket.

Marc Parker will be attending this year for the first time and has won many GTs during his illustrious career.

Kenny Boucher of Next Level Painting will also be attending for the first time this year. Kenny was part of the team that won the prestigious Adepticon Team Tournament two years ago in Chicago and is also a member of the team that won the national ATC championship two years straight now.

Gabe Dobkins who won the NOVA best overall award last year will be playing this year. There are also several other players such as Devin Schafer and Craig Sniffen who placed high at NOVA this year who will attending as well.

There is some awesome local talent that will be there this year such as Clark Welch (Ard Boyz champion), Aggro and returning John Lennon.

There plenty of great players attending this year - too many to mention them all. We hope that everyone attending has a great time. Our goal is simply to make BeakyCon a top event ranking right up there with the likes of Adepticon, Feast of Blades, NOVA and WarGamesCon. Your support is so important to realize this goal and we appreciate that very much. We want BeakyCon2 to be the most fair and competitive event in the country. It's certainly a high goal and we think it's in reach. This year we've expanded the number of players to 64 - there will be six rounds to produce one undefeated player at the end and that's very exciting. That means there will be more tables and a lot more fantastic terrain as well. Each mission has been thoroughly play tested... They do not favor any particular type of army. Everyone has a chance to win each game.

This year we will have three judges - myself (BBF), Matt Douthat (head judge) and Hsrold Cowan. We have no favorite players either. Each and every army list has been thoroughly reviewed to make sure they are legal.

See you all soon !!

w00t !!!

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