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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tyranids - email in

Email in from a fellow Tyranid player asking for a review of their new list...

Hive Tyrant - wings, LW & BS, TL Devs w/ BL worms, TS (255pts I think)

Hive Tyrant - wings, LW & BS, TL Devs w/ BL worms, TS (255pts)

The flying Tyrant is really bad news now. GW made Tyranid monstrous creatures strong again with the new psychic lores (see Biomancy). To be honest though I'm liking the walking Tyrant with armored shell and 3x Tyrant Guard... the main reason being because I think it can suck up more damage in this configuration. The 2+ armor is very strong plus put the Tyrant out front and it can look out sir to the Tyrant Guard while blasting away with its devourers and casting Enfeeble on strong enemy units. This is the proverbial hub of the army. Two Tyrants is a whole heck of a lot of points... They are really good but not that good in my opinion. They can be grounded and have no invulnerable save. I can definitely see the case for one though in just about any list.

YmGarl Genestealers 6 or so

If you are going to run Yrmgarls then you might as well invest in 8-10 of them. They are also really good but I've had a brood of six bounce off enemy units where in the same situation eight went in strong and got the job done. I am thinking Raveners are a good alternative now with their mobility and weight of attacks.

Hive Guard x3 (150pts)

I am going from one brood of three to a pair of two broods. They are hands down one of the best units in the codex and can obliterate light armor at will. They are fairly costed as well.

Tervigon w/ AG, TS, Stinger Salvo (Since he is a character he can snipe with the 4 shots to kill power fists or force weapons) (195pts)

Termagants x10 (50pts)

I am planning to run this times two plus I'm running devilgants at 15 per brood. This is the backbone of the army as I'm not running genestealers or Warriors anymore.

Genestealers 8-15 AG, TS  (new poison can wound on 3's or 2's ion the assault and can reroll)
-Broodlord (optional based on points)

Genestealers 8-15 AG, TS  (new poison can wound on 3's or 2's ion the assault and can reroll)
-Broodlord (optional based on points)

Like I said above I'm not running genestealers anymore... To me they are too slow now with the changes to Fleet. With the old Fleet they were fast as sin and could reliably reach melee on a timely basis. The Broodlord is obviously even better now but if he doesn't reach the enemy line intact then it's points wasted in my opinion. I would rather have the devilgants now as they can shoot the lights out and are pretty good in melee supported by a Tervigon (poison, furious charge and even possibly counter attack if you roll well)... Plus you get a lot more. I was never a fan of T3 until I started to play Tyranids.

Shrikes 3-6 LW/ BS, TS, Rending
Shrikes 3-6 LW/ BS, TS, Rending (second unit optional based on points)

Shrikes are the awesome!!! I am going to start off with Raveners (mainly because I already bought the models) but these are even better with lots of wounds, ignoring armor, high weapon skill and lash whips. I think most people are overly concerned about instant death but if well played they can beat down almost anything in melee. I'd definitely upgrade them with poison - very sick indeed !!![/i]

Trygon w/ TS  (210)
Trygon w/ TS  (210)

Another great choice indeed... They are the ultimate shock troopers with deep strike and rules similar to drop pods for landing. One of your Tyrants should have Hive Commander... In case you hold them in reserve to take advantage of the potential for long forward placement you'll want them dropping in as soon as possible.

Tfex - Rupture Cannon, 2+ thorax poison template, Cluster Spines

With hull points I think the Tfex is just not worth the points anymore. Hive Guard are way better at popping tanks.

Peace bro.

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