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Thursday, August 30, 2012

BeakyCon2 Update - 1 Slot Left

We recounted the registered players and there is one slot left to fill...

Here is a list of all registered players:

01) Aggro-Grey Knights-Temple Terrace, FL

02) Chris Anderson-Chaos Daemons-Pinellas Park, FL

03) Alex Aguila-Grey Knights-Miami, FL (1 BRICK)

04) Adam Alessandrini-Imperial Guard-Clearwater, FL

05) Richmond Banks-Space Wolves-Jacksonville, FL


06) Ian Beard-Grey Knights-Dunedin, FL

07) Alan Blakesborough-Grey Knights-Easley, SC

BeakyCon 2011 40k GT Warmaster

08) Kenny Boucher-Chaos Space Marines-Colorado Springs, CO

Adepticon 2011 40k Team Tournament Best Overall
ATC 2011 & 2012 40k Team Tournament Best Overall

09) Thomas Burton-Grey Knights-Mary Esther, FL

10) Rob Carr-Chaos Space Marines-Orlando, FL (1 BRICK)

Necronomicon 2009 40k GT Best General


11) Daniel CastaƱo-Blood Angels-Ft. Myers, FL

12) Wes Chamblee-Blood Angels-Odessa, FL

13) Remy Colin-Necrons-Daytona, FL

14) Josh Conanti-Blood Angels-Washington DC

15) Gabe Dobkins-Blood Angels-Jacksonville, FL

NOVA Open 2011 40k GT Best Overall


16) Jason Driver-Crestview FL Sisters of Battle (1 BRICK)

17) Sam Durbin-Imperial Guard-Saint Marys, GA

18) Fatty Jay-Chaos Space Marines-Colorado Springs, CO

19) Blake Gerber-Imperial Guard-Jacksonville, FL

20) Aaron Hagney-Chaos Space Marines-Naples, FL (1 BRICK)

Bolter Beach 2010 40k Team Tournament Best Overall


21) Paul Harai-Sisters of Battle-Tallahassee, Florida

22) John Hopkins-Deathwing-Vero Beach, FL

23) Jimmy Hoppes-Salamanders-Clearwater, FL

24) Norse Hutchens-Tau-Tampa, FL

25) Scott Hutchens-Necrons-Tampa, FL (2 BRICKS)


26) Stuart King-Necrons- Easley, SC

27) Ryan Kirby-Chaos Space Marines-Panama City, FL

28) Mark Kocenko-Chaos Space Marines-Coconut Creek, FL

29) Carter Leach-Space Wolves-Jacksonville, FL

30) Scott Lester-Grey Knights-Clearwater, FL (1 BRICK)


31) John Lennon-Tyranids-Tampa, FL

32) Mason Martindale-Eldar-Naples, FL (1 BRICK)

Bolter Beach 2010 40k Team Tournament Best Overall

33) Ryan Marsh-Imperial Guard-Tampa, FL

34) Nathan Maurer-Chaos Daemons-Lehigh Acres, FL

35) Nick Maxwell-Blood Angels-Lutz, FL

36) Justin McCord-Chaos Space Marines-Port Charlotte, FL

37) Brandon McSween-???-???, FL

38) Bruce Merker-Dark Eldar-Orlando, FL

39) Zach MacLeod-Grey Knights-Orlando, FL

40) Carlos Morales-Grey Knights-Wesley Chapel, FL


41) Phillip Morales-Tyranids-Wesley Chapel, FL

42) Alberto Narvaez-Necrons-Tampa-FL

43) Curt Oliveira-Blood Angels-Avon, CO

44) Ray Ortega-Space Wolves-Miami, FL

45) Robert Paredes-Deathwing-Hialeah, FL


46) Marc Parker-Orks-Hollywood, FL

Multiple GW GT Circuit Best Overalls
Bolter Beach 2009 40k GT Best Overall

47) Ty Patterson-Blood Angels-Clearwater, FL

48) Benjamin Polmear-Tyranids-Ybor City, FL

49) Brian Poole-Grey Knights-Fort Lauderdale, FL

50) Kristopher Prusac-Necrons-Trinity, FL


51) Heather Runyan-Tyranids-Port Charlotte, FL

52) Devin Schafer-Eldar-Orange Park, FL

53) Kai Sterling-Necrons-Panama City Beach, FL

54) Robert Stevenson, Dark Angels-Fort Walton Beach, FL

55) Manuel Ugarte-Space Marines-Orlando, FL


56) Cesar Vazquez-Space Marines-Miami, FL

57) Chris Winans-Orks-Pinellas Park, FL (1 BRICK)

58) Clark Welch-Space Marines-Hudson, FL

2010 Ard Boyz 40k Finals Champion

59) Mike Welch-Eldar-Hudson FL

60) Kurt Williams-Necrons-Clearwater, FL


61) Teddy Woody-Necrons-Valdosta, GA (1 BRICK)

WarGamesCon 2012 40k RTT Best Overall

62) Cameron Zareie-Imperial Guard-Tampa, FL

63) Luis Alcala-Tau-Miami, FL

64) -

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