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Saturday, August 18, 2012

BeakyCon2 sample missions

This week we will release two sample missions so you can start playtesing your armies for the GT. The format will be as follows:

Terrain will be preplaced.

Primary Win Condition - Objectives, Table Quarters or Killpoints

Objectives will be preplaced as per the mission rules. There will be three, four or five per mission with each worth three battle points.

Table Quarters - To hold a table quarter at the end of a game you must have the most victory points worth of scoring or denial units. These units must be completely inside a table quarter and disembarked.

Killpoints - Whoever scores the most killpoints wins the mission... Just like 40k5.

First Tie Breaker - If there is a draw on the primary win condition then the first tie breaker is killpoints. If the primary win condition is killpoints then the first tie breaker is table quarters (see above).

Second Tie Breaker - If there is a draw on both the primary win condition and first tie breaker then the second tie breaker is pure victory points.

Bonus Battle Points
The following bonuses are in play each mission:

— First Blood
— Slay the Warlord
— Line Breaker
— Killpoints

Mission Rules
The following rules are in effect each game:

— Night Fight
— Deep Strike
— Infiltrate/Outflank
— Seize the Initiative
— Warlord Trait

Order of Sequence
00. Objective markers (if appropriate) are preplaced as per the specific mission rules. Game begins.
01. Roll off to choose deployment zones.
02. Deploy fortifications.
03. Roll for Warlord Traits.
04. Roll for Psychic Lores.
05. Roll for army specific rules (e.g., Grey Knights' Grand Strategy, Dark Eldar Wyche Drugs, etc.)
06. Roll off to see who deploys first (player who deploys first goes first unless their opponent seizes the initiative - see step 10).
07. Deploy armies.
08. Deploy infiltrating units and make scout moves (as per rulebook).
09. Redeploy (e.g., Necron C'Tan Grand Illusion).
10. Roll for Seize the Initiative.
11. First turn begins...
12. Game ends - Note that random game length is modified. There are six turns and then a possible seventh turn on a roll of 4+ on 1d6. Dice Down when time is called - the game immediately stops.

At the end of each game there will be one winner and one loser per table. Record the final results as follows at the end of each game:

— Primary Win Condition - Y/N
— Secondary Win Condition (if appropriate) - Y/N
— Tertiary Win Condition (if appropriate) - Y/N
— Battle Points =
•3 per objective marker
•3 per table quarter (if appropriate)
•1 per enemy unit destroyed (killpoints)
•1 per bonus (1st Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker)

The first round is random and after that we will use Swiss pairings which will be affected by your Margin of Win which includes your total accumulated battle points.

That's it ! Two sample missions will be posted later this week. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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