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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

How Playing Tyranids Helped Improve My Game

It might sound silly but I was thinking about how playing Tyranids for over half a year has improved my overall game now that I'm playing Necrons. It's kind of like a long series of intense workouts. I remember once listening to the quarterback from the University of Florida talking about how his team prepared for a football game versus Florida State - they wore heavily weighted diver belts during every practice leading up to the the big game versus their state rivals. Come the day of the game sans the heavy diver belts they were much stronger and faster than their rivals and won by a wide margin. If you stop to think about it the same type of approach can improve your 40k game. I think we all know that Tyranids are a hard army to play competively due the poor design of the codex. I have been doing very well with my Necrons now - especially versus mechanized armies. Some of us realize that Necrons have a lot of inherent advantages versus mechanized armies in general - it is what it is. I now basically have a better set of tools to deal with mechanized armies. So while I'm not advocating that anyone play Tyranids to improve their game I do think it has it's advantages.

Another perk of playing an army such as Tyranids is when you win a tournament or place high (e.g., top three) no one can accuse of winning with a cheesy army. Sure people can say you got the luck of the draw pulling n00bs and fluff bunnies but at the end of the day if you perform well at a tournament overall it's an achievement as far as I'm concerned. There is definitely a certain satisfaction that comes with winning with an underpowered army and that's a good feeling indeed.

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