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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Alex Fennel's Adepticon 1850 Pt Necron Army

I found this posted elsewhere on the Internet by Alex, also known as the Everliving:

With Adepticon in the rear view mirror a few people have asked me to post up my list with some notes on how it worked, I ended the first day 1st on battle points and finished in 3rd place on Sunday. For anyone who was there, I had the pink Necrons.

I believe Alex is or was the captain of the British ETC team. I played him at Adepticon a few years ago in the third round of the Gladiator event. Alex is a top 40k gamer with many big wins under his belt. He is also very fun to play and I thoroughly enjoyed our game. Alex has been playing Necrons for a long time and has quickly adapted to the new codex. Our armies have some fundamental differences but I respect his choices. I think you'll see some of his core units and tactics are the same as mine.

A brief disclaimer, my list is by no means an optimised one based on army builds other people have designed and even used at some events, and a couple of the models are there principally because I have a soft spot for them. It just works well for my style of play.

I find this comment quite interesting and overall agree with his assessment of his army. There are no bad armies, just some bad generals. Certain self proclaimed Internet 40k gurus could learn a lot based upon what Alex has to say here.

- Command Barge
- Mindshackle Sapcarabs
- Warscythe
- Weave

You see this guy in most Necron armies, sometimes doubled up. The sweep attack is awesome and he'll usually spend the game acting as a distraction from the rest of my army. He gets blown out of his vehicle in almost every game which is why I gave him scrabs and the weave - against anything less than a dedicated assault unit with power weapons he usually holds his own.

9x Immortals:
- Gauss Blaster

In with them is a Phaeron Overlord with mindshackle, warscythe, weave and Orb (2md HQ). They are joined by two storm crpteks with the lightning field (Royal Court). This unit is my core firebase. The overlord lets them move every turn and fire gauss blasters which gives me a glancing hit per turn at long range, and then once enemy vehicles get to within 12" the voltaic staffs add serious firepower to the mix. The unit is large enough that I'll often be able to control two objectives at once and the crypteks provide great defence with their lightning against anything that wants to attack them in close combat. Things like Incubi and purifiers will give them trouble but the idea is the rest of the army is somehow dealing with those guys.

8x Immortals:
- Tesla Carbine

They are joined by a despair cryptek with the shroud and veil. I use these guys to teleport over to far objectives once we get to turn 3 or 4. They can be a great decoy unit as well, deploying in one corner and then teleporting somewhere else when my opponent sends stuff over to go and deal with them. Against mech armies they have to stay safe for a little while until there are [other] infantry models to shoot at.

5x Warrior:
- Ghost Ark

They are joined by two destruction crypteks with a pulse each. So I use the Ark because I really like the look of the model, and it spends most of the time moving 6" and firing two eldritch lances. The size of the model makes it a good blocker if I need that, and it can always move 12" over the course of a few turns to grab some late game objectives. The crypteks also fulfill a very important role in making it night fight for two turns, and against another necron army that includes the stormlord I at least get two turns without lightning hitting me as I'll make it daylight in his turn.

Fast Attack
6x Canoptek Wraith:
- 2x Whip Coil
- Particle Caster

Lots has already been said about Wraiths elsewhere. They are great, and the three different model types gives me wound abuse to play with and the squad itself is my [most] durable close combat unit. I only have one squad of these guys so I typically won't commit them early but will hold back for a counter charge.

5x Camoptek Scarab

With the help of the Spyders the scarabs bulk up and screen the front of my army, acting as a possible deterrent to vehicles coming too close. They don't typically make it past turn 3 as by then I'll have sent them forward as a skirmish screen to try and disrupt my opponent but they'll almost always make their points back.

I use my scarabs and Spyders a bit differently but ultimately the fulfill the same role for both armies.

Heavy Support
2x 2x Canoptek Spyder:
- Gloom Prism

I use two units of these and they typically anchor the flanks of my army to provide a psychic save if my opponent tries fancy stuff like Jaws. I keep them close enough to the scrabs to make bases for the first turn or two but once I've sent the scarabs off I use the Spyders as a counter assault unit if my Wraiths and Immortals need back up.


The other unit I use because I like the model. The Monolith acts as mobile terrain for me. If I need to hide something in turn 1 it hides behind the Monolith. Its damage output is never particularly high but I found it draws a lot of firepower and will usually last a few turns before being taken out. I'm always pretty happy with this since if an opponent is shooting at the monolith then they're not killing my other models.

While I don't use this heavy skimmer I understand the synergy it bring to a Necron army.

So there you have it. My 'White Dwarf' Necron list (i.e., one of everything rather than spamming a particular unit type). It's certainly not a list that will suit everyone but its worked out very well for me this year and I'm not entirely sure that I'd change anything at the 1850 point level.

So there you have it folks. Alex ended placing 3rd in the Adepticon champion. He is most definitely the man.

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